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I was working for a company as a Sr. Project Manager in

Customer Question

I was working for a company as a Sr. Project Manager in their professional services org. My manager quit and they approached me and another guy to take on new roles and cover the management of the Professional Services team. I was to be the Sr. Manager of Professional Services and Joe was to be the Technical Manager, but still reporting to me. I was tasked with managing the whole team. The cofounder is who set up this promotion. He said both Joe and I had to wait for 5 months and would have to fulfill certain success criteria during that time. We each had separate deliverables and at the end of the five months on 10/1/16, if we were successful, then we would get a pay increase and a title change. I would become Director of Professional Services and Joe would become the Sr. Technical Manager (still reporting to me.)
Joe’s hire date was 11/2015 and my hire date was 1/2014. After doing the new role for about a month, I was told that the cofounder was transitioning our team to a new department under the Sr. Director of Technical Services. While talking to the Sr. Director, I asked if he was aware of the ‘try before you buy’ deal Joe and I were under, and indicated that we didn’t get any pay increase until after the October 1st date. The Director said he knew about the deal, but that Joe already received his increase. It was only myself that was delayed. When I asked Joe about it, he said they did indeed provide him half the increase up front and they told him not to tell me. When I questioned it, they tried to blame it on our start dates, saying that my annual review was more recent and that’s why they paid him up front (only 3 month’s difference between our annual reviews).
The new Director then completely changed my success criteria for the deliverables required to get my bump up. I am the only female in the new Director’s org out of 35 people. I feel like I work for the Good Ol’ Boys Club and I’m not part of the group. Do I have a discrimination case?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.

You have a case for discrimination to the extent you are being treated this way due to age, race, gender or nationality.

You may also have a breach of contract case to the extent company made commitment to you and now seeks to renege on it.

Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.

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