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I've broadcasted for 40 years. I began with my current

Customer Question

I've broadcasted for 40 years. I began with my current company in 1991, hired to do middays and I did for 16 years until I received a better offer from down the street. That was horrible and short lived, I got married, then divorced in 2012. In may of 2012 I asked my employer if I could return to part time work. I have since. In 1993 another coworker came on board and did middays on a heavy rock station. She was moved over to the station I worked for in 2012 and she was fired in the fall of 2014. They filled her position with a long time employee who does not want to retire. I just sucked it up and did fill in, hoping that more hours would come my way. In May of 2016, I was courted by another station, who has not filled their position yet. I did mention this to my immediate supervisor as I really want to stay where I am. The woman fired in 2014 was rehired in July. She began getting hours that I would have had before her rehiring. I called my supervisor wanting to discuss this and asked if I had done anything wrong. He said "no, but the last I heard your going across town." Completely untrue. I sent him a few more texts regarding my loyalty and he never returned with an answer. I caught him in the hall and asked if we were having a communication problem. He said yes, I am too busy but I will call you tomorrow. He never did. A few weeks later he said he was still too busy to chat with me and be patient. Then yesterday the memo came out:Proud to announce there are changes on the K- schedule being implemented Monday.
We welcome Martina back to middays, Jim will be covering evenings and Alan overnights.
Pam will cover for Max on the 29th and 30th.
Please take a look and thank you.
Alan has really gotten the shaft on this. I am Pam the super fill in woman and Martina was fired in 2014. The last 4 years I have done my best, ***** ***** am a member of the Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Martina has actually only worked in the midday position for 2 years. She did work 16 years as well on the hard rock station so our longevity is about equal. Yet she has skated in and got the position I owned in the past. No job postings, no heads up that I may apply for this position, my supervisor has not talked to me. This is not big money stuff...its the perception that you are working full time while the company limits your hours to 15 to 30 hours a week. Personally I am working a pt announcer job in a small town 30 miles away where I work 9-20 hours a week for a salary. But it is 160 watts vs 50,000 watts. I am sick about this as I know Alan is too. I thought about trying to arrange a meeting with our GM, OM, and my supervisor on Monday to discuss this. I don't know if I have recourse here, but now of course simply bad vibes. My adult kids even say the $100-$300 a month isn't worth it. But I am sort of a legend there. My name is ***** ***** the station as is Martina's. Any ideas?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 12 months ago.

What is your ultimate goal that you would like to achieve?

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
I am sorry as I am literally walking out the door and came to turn off my computer. Good question.Radio is "theater of the mind" and so is the reality of what broadcasters do these days. It is a perception that when you hear someone on the radio you "perceive" that they are there full time, when in actuality they may be there an hour or two, the rest is prerecorded or Voicetracked -VT. We get paid $10-12 an hour. Based on EEO policy, as well as discrimination, my situation flirts dangerously close to both. Only 2 items here that I believe I've been wronged. 1: the job was not posted at all. They do have a posting up all the time for on-air talent PT, but not specifically for this position, so that others within the station could try for the job. 2: My supervisor has obviously ignored my texts and emails for 2 months as I asked about how I could get extra hours as I did not want to leave the station, as I have been courted for another position as well. I have copies of those. Yet while I'm requesting a sit down with him, he is changing the entire lineup of staff. I believe I am the best person for the job but I did not have a chance. We're not talking big bucks here. We're talking maybe 3 extra hours per day@ 12hr. But the perception to the listeners and the radio community as a whole is that the DJ is FT. The ethic is wrong. I don't know if there is any money to be made from this via a lawsuit, but I do hope to make a point that this in itself is a form of discrimination. If my supervisor is found to be at error he could be held accountable as well as the station with fines from the FCC. As I've researched this in othertypes of employment, some good advice was to talk to the HR person first. So, I have written a letter, a small novel in itself, about what has transpired, my attempt at progressing at the station, my history at the station(absence, write-ups) vs Martina. Along with copies of emails and texts that I am available and willing to work , that have gone unanswered and ignored. I will talk to our business mgr, who is our local HR contact, and ask that my letter be signed and received by our GM, Station Mgr and put in our Public File. This is not a good thing for the station. Also, I am sending a copy to our main HR director in Los Angeles. I do believe I will be exiting the station soon, especially after this. I will continue to put my best foot forward and continue to have a positive attitude. This could have a financial impact by the FCC, they may ask me to shut up and leave. Again, its not about the $$ as I also have another job that pays me $20hr whether I'm there or not, as well as my own small voiceover business. It is about the perception by listeners as Im sure many will wonder why Martina is at my position and I'm simply PT. BTW I have already sent a text to congratulate Martina on her promotion, and I will nominate her for the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame as no one else has.
Customer: replied 12 months ago.
I am sorry I need to leave right now as I am late for an appointment. I look forward to your feedback. Pam Farris
Expert:  Maverick replied 12 months ago.

Welcome! My name is Maverick. Please give me a few minutes to analyze and/or research your inquiry and I will be back.

Expert:  Maverick replied 12 months ago.

It may be helpful for us to do a phone call on this. The added cost is 14.00. I will send an offer to you for that and if you decide to accept it, then please come back here and enter you phone number so I can call you...

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Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Hi Maverik, I've come full circle on my issue and thru some research along with venting through writing, I've resoved the problem myself! I did write my 7 page letter, then attended a mandatory meeting. While there I realized I was being nit-picky & taking things personal. I realized I am very lucky to be in the position I am in & I am making more money than if I had been offered the position. So in my case it was best to do nothing. I will talkvwithbour Business The simply bringing up the points about my supervisor as a concern but that's it! Thank you Maverik. Pam
Expert:  Maverick replied 12 months ago.

Okay, glad to hear things worked out for you!

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