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Nishan Parlakian
Nishan Parlakian,
Category: Employment Law
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Experience:  Principal at Consumer Law Office of Nishan Parlakian, Esq.
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My company wants me to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Customer Question

My company wants me to sign a confidentiality agreement. It's for 5 years after end of employment with the company. I'm high up in a very specialized manufacturing company. We serve alot of company's in the whole country and the agreement states I can't work for any customers of my company or use any information I've learned during my ten years there. So pretty much I wouldn't be able to even work in any manufactoring company and I would have to change my profession. Can my company with hold my paycheck tell I sign the agreement?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Nishan Parlakian replied 11 months ago.

John, from what you have put out here I don't believe they can withhold payment for work you have done. It would be illegal for them to withhold pay on the basis that they are trying to strong arm you into an agreement. This unless they have given you severance as part of a speartyion agreement from your company. Then that would be something they could ask for. They could have asked you to sign the confidentially agreement prior to your deciding to leave

Expert:  Nishan Parlakian replied 11 months ago.

or at the beginning of your employment. At any rate tour pay check is for work you have performed already, not a quid pro quo for you acceding to their agreement. If you have more details for me to consider please let me know. Best, Sean