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Phillips Esq.
Phillips Esq., Attorney-at-Law
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My son-in-law who lives in FL was a transformer service

Customer Question

My son-in-law who lives in FL was a transformer service technician for a company in OH. He and others on staff there were regularly sent out on 2 week assignments and then home for a week. After his most recent assignment in Alton, IL he had a layover in Atlanta, GA where his backpack was stolen for under the bathroom stall he was using. His backpack contained his personal laptop and numerous work related items including his work cell phone, security badges and more. This happened on a Saturday and was Monday before he was able to contact anyone at the home office to notify them of no consequence on the phone as it was set up so it required his fingerprint to utilize it. So on Monday when he contacted the home office they made no big deal of it sending him a new phone and informing him they had duplicates to all his security badges. So on Thursday when he made his standard contact with them for the next job assignment and travel arrangements he was told to call back on Friday. When he called the next day he was informed by the HR lady his employment was terminated due to conduct that was less than acceptable by company standards AND attempt to tamper with a drug test result! Well in the nearly 1 yr he had been with this company he had received ZERO verbal or written warnings for his conduct not to mention on the extremely serious allegation of the tampering with a drug test; He took ALL drug tests requested of him as many jobs required it before coming on their premises and NEVER failed one and the collector he submitted the testing to whether it was a mouth swab or urine test was PRESENT the whole time and was the one that handled the sample! Not to mention had the drug test tampering issue EVER actually occurred the most recent drug test he submitted to was back on about June 19th and they were working him steadily up till his dismissal on 07-15-16. Rumor has it that they are purging their staff at this company in an attempt to downsize but the allegations they have made towards my son-in-law not only severely damage his current status they will have SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES on his future. He and our daughter are about to be blessed with their 3rd child and they now have this mess to deal with! I question if part of the reason for his dismissal was the impending birth of a child and the added cost there would be for the doctor & hospital bills. WE NEED HELP FAST!
Mr. Randy French
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

I am so sorry to read about your difficulties.

The reason for his termination is quite suspicious. He would need to file discrimination complaint with EEOC and let EEOC investigate whether he was indeed discriminated against because of the impending birth. Click here for the complaint process.

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