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Asad Rahman
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I have been employed with this company in georgia years. A

Customer Question

I have been employed with this company in georgia for 3 years. A year and a half ago I was promoted to supervisor of a department. Two to three months ago a new manager was hired. Since that time I have been written up for failing to comply with a written company policy, as well as other things. I was verably told by the previos manager, which is still employed at the company, to handle the policy differently. The previous manager states that she did not tell me to do this. All the other employees that were around at this time have left so its my word against hers. The new manager has included in my write up that I
would be retrained and re-evaluated in 30 days. It has been a week and a half and no re training has occured. She has accused me of not sending emails, when I have and printed each one out and kept. I recently learned, after requesting my incident reposts from HR, and being told no, that these incidents happend before she the new manager was hired. Ever aspect of my work is being placed under a microscope. I have even had to train this manager when she first started. I feel that I am being harrased and possibly discriminated against due to differant races. The new manager has also verbally told the department to change medical billing codes, when no one in the department is certified coder. I have been in this industry since 1984 and pretty much assume that this is not legal. I have not been following this procedure. I dont look good in stripes or orange. Also my job responsibilities as a supervisor are slowly being taken away and given to the employees that I have been supervising. I see the writting on the wall and it is snowballing to a termination. Not sure what I can do.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.
I am very sorry to hear about your situation. First you need to notify your HR department and mention to them in writing your concerns. If they do not address them and there's no improvement in the situation then you may have a very strong legal claim for harassment Or creation of a hostile work environment. Another possible claim is constructive termination in that they are trying to make your situation so untenable that you voluntarily resign so that they do not have to pay you severance or unemployment benefits.