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I may have made an error. Thought I had sent the concern.

Customer Question

I may have made an error. Thought I had sent the concern. This began with an earlier concern with company. They have reportedly and outside ethical group that handles concerns to avoid issues.
I was about to send this to them..( I am not happy with them). Anyway almost sent and thought twice. The question is Please read and tell me if I have a legitimate concern. Should I go lawyer or company?
See below
RE: My original email and what occurred
Well, for some reason I thought Global ethics was just that. Ethical and confidential. If I had wanted to have a conversation with John J. boss. I would have contacted him personally.
Unfortunately, you forwarded to him. I know he never spoke to me…but I am 99.95% certain he spoke to Kelvin (and perhaps John, Scott and Definitely Odell is in the loop)
In June we had the Monthly meeting. For the first time since my arrival following the meeting Kelvin walks up to me shakes my hand (red flag #1) and asks how I am doing. Really? Could you be any more obvious?
Then immediately following we have a meeting in the back that includes Odell, Adam, Richard and myself. Oddly, Odell reportedly wants process improvements. However, when we bring things up he is like the majority of your long term managers. 1) Walmart is the largest company in the world. 2) That’s not the way we do it at Walmart. 3) The reason things can’t change is because “that’s the way we have always done it.
Then they try to explain why we must do it your way. If that is the case why are we being forced to work an extra day?
So…because I have a rather extensive background In Leadership…I challenge them. Apparently that is illegal at Walmart. But before the conversation gets too far along….Odell directed this comment to me: out of nowhere I might add….”You twist everything” (red flag #2). I continue to challenge and Odell and Richard continue to say why we can’t do things differently.
At one point, Richard begins to explain something and Adam gets up walks away from Richard to the Chalk board (blackboard..). I turn my attn. to him and Odell goes off…he leans forward and in an incredibly snotty way states “DID YOU JUST DO THAT (GIVING AN INCREDULOUS LAUGH AND THIS SMIRK), DID YOU JUST DO THAT? DID YOU JUST TURN AWAY FROM RICHARD WHILE HE WAS SPEAKING TO YOU?”
I looked at him. As much as I was tempted I did not say a word. Once he is over himself he allows Adam to finish and then tells him were not going to try his way. Amazing
The following week, I am called up to Scotts ofc.. Of all people in the room with Scott is John J. You have got to be kidding me. Really?
So, I am written up because I am unprofessional.
That Tuesday I go on vacation for 2 weeks. I return and to my wondering eyes and ears. Adam had to miss over a week on top of his vacation because he had an allergic reaction to a hot tub he had received (oh…I’ll get there)
And two more managers are out on my shift. Busy weekend...However, on Monday near end of day.
Richard arrives to my ofc with a folder. I am thinking now what?
He wants to share that on the 27th of June two associates had made statements re: how I had treated them different. I was LIVID!!!! How dare you! I find out that (and have heard from several other mgrs.) that your company has a habit of taking associates word for things without demonstrating objectivity and speaking to area mgr. Slander? Defamation? Character assassination? Libel? What that tells me is that when you side with the associate or whomever and throw your area mgrs. Under the bus you IN ESSENSE stating that you BELIEVE and SUPPORT the statements made by said individuals. (Obviously, you afford Ops Mgrs and above and those below area mgrs. Objectivity, and respect for the individual. Ie refer to 2nd sentence in letter). Therefore if said statements can be proven false the company (HR) Is as guilty as those making the statements for failing to properly demonstrate objectivity and professionalism by completing an investigation.
Best part…these statements were written on the weekend I was written up. Wow!!! (Red Flag #3)
Fortunately, I have an associate statement (in case these associates pulled something) and a mgr who were there when these so called events occurred. Who or whomever concocted this (I am certain I know who is behind this), is not only way out of line but demonstrated his arrogance, corruption and unprofessional behavior yet again.
When I go home…I contacted mgr to confirm I had not misunderstood him. Nope!!! He wanted to know why this came up as it was MONTHS ago. (red flag #4)
Written end of June but occurred months ago..Uh oh.
Then I hear that the young man who had an allergic reaction from his hot tub was given said hot tub by Odell after the write up (oh yes… according to Scott “all” area managers wrote statements against me…) So, a payoff and a set up. Hmmm…
Here’s the deal. I absolutely refuse to allow you to send this to Brian, John J., Odell, Kelvin, Scott or anyone else. I am merely telling you your decision to share my conversation with Brian came back big on me.
You made your bed you lay in it.
You are shameful!!
If you are wondering why I sent a question to Global ethics please re-read above statement
Since I have not yet heard back on a simple question re: I am trying to get hold of my documents, I can only surmise that you are once again planning your next move.
All I am asking for is a copy of write up, statements, review and any other inflammatory statements assaulting my character.
As a reminder…NO you do not have a right to share. I don’t need to be accosted at work or worse.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
Is any of this being done to you based only on your age/race/sex/disability/national origin, because legally as an at will employee that is the only protection you have. Under the Texas law, an employee is protected from harassment or retaliation only if it is based solely on their age/race/sex/disability/national origin or for reporting discrimination based on one of those grounds. See: Oncale v. Sundowner Offshore Services, 523 U.S. 75 (1998).
If your grievances about your employer are not based only on one of those reasons above, legally there are no employer protections for the employer and as an at will employee they can terminate, hire, fire, promote or demote an employee for no reason or any reason not based on one of those illegally discriminatory reasons.
If they are falsely accusing you of discriminatory conduct and you prove the allegations false, then you can sue the employer and the parties who made the false allegations against you personally for defamation and you can seek money damages from them for any damage you suffered as a direct result of their known false allegations against you.

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