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I am truck driver I owe some child support arrears I paid on

Customer Question

I am truck driver I owe some child support arrears I paid on time or no the owner of the company did ..and well they lost payment but cashed iy still put on my driving record cant get a job its like a dui on record I dont know what to do state office said the case worker didn't do her job now she quit its all on me but she didn't work for me
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Legalease replied 1 year ago.

Hello there --


If you can get proof that your employer made the payments and present them to the local family court that is handling your child support case, they should order that your right to receive your driver's license be released. My suggestion here is that you contact the local county family court that is handling the case and file a request for modification of child support. The county family court has these forms that you can complete and turn into the clerk's office to request a hearing on the matter. As part of the request you need to ask that they Modify the arrears amount owed by the amount that was collected and distributed by your employer and correct the record to show that you are mostly current on your arrears and release your right to receive a driver's license as part of the court hearing. However, if you cannot get this proof from your employer, then I would be asking my employer where the money really went and you will have to pursue a lawsuit against the employer in order to either receive a credit for the amount or to force them to pay the state the amount of money that they withheld from your check. There also should be another worker assigned to your case at some point soon and perhaps you can make some progress with the new worker if you get the proof from your employer that the payments were made and cashed.


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