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I was suspended pending investigation with pay. Suspension

Customer Question

I was suspended pending investigation with pay. Suspension invalid as I received nothing in writing stating reason.
I am an armed senior security supervisor for 10 years at the Fulton Fish Market.
My assignment was to guard a gate that had a broken lock. Not to let any trucks or persons enter. Also no one to leave with proof of purchase. Customer was leaving with merchandise on a dolly by market employee. I asked customer for receipt, which he could not produce. Market employee tried to push past me. When I insisted the market employee threatened me with a bail hook he had on his shoulder. I displayed my weapon, after I called for urgent back up that did not appear for 15minutes. When the employee saw my weapon he withdrew and I returned my weapon to my holster. When the other supervisor finally appeared he took the market into the hub and communicated that he has a receipt which it never saw.
The customer was never in any danger, he stood about ten feet behind me still searching for receipts.
Police arrived, never took a report . I asked for a duty captain. Police claimed to call but duty captain did not appear or talk to me. I was the victim of a threat with a weapon. I calmed the employee of the market. But why was no one concerned if I was injured or just ok from the trauma. Big question, why would a market employee attempt to leave without the buying producing his receipt. I had no confrontation with the buyer as he was just looking through his pocket to comply with my request. The market employee should have had no reason to try to leave or cause confrontation. Later when the security director arrived, who never asked what happened, he accused me of pulling my weapon on an employee and a customer. Again the customer was standinding behind me and was never in danger. I only showed my weapon to avoid getting struck with a large bail hook. The director suspended me. Nothing happened to the attacker. My suspension I was told would be 30 days, with pay during investigation. I have not been called for this investigation, nor have I been paid. My calls are not returned and I was given nothing pertaining to suspension.
Right now I cannot afford my mortgage without an income . This event took place on May 27th
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.
What outcome are you seeking at this point?
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.

awaiting your reply so I can better focus the answer. are you asking if you can challenge the employer decision?

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