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Category: Employment Law
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Employer; AW of North arolina, Toyota Transmission Mfr. A

Customer Question

Employer; AW of North arolina, Toyota Transmission Mfr. A late 19'th Century Operational Structure. Team Leaders/Bosses" use a trick of acusing an employee of "disrespect" to intimidate and justify their belittlement of employee. Typically to "Shut us up" if we attempt to stand up for ourselves or we question them. If we present them with Salt, they call it Sugar...
We MUSTagree, accept or be discreetly punished, publicly humiliated, mentally degraded, . If we do not agree, we are summarily terminated. This applies to health issues as well. They are "God" and we are peons. This also applies to safety issues; Public and Private. They reward bad and beat down the good into depression. There is no light in this tunnell, let alone at the end of it. In this True Sweatshop...
The truth, reality and any Good Deed... ARE Punished, Sent home for loss of Pay, Readily Terminated.
Think of the phrase "Going Postal", and AWNC is the Post Office. 2.5 yrs. and I'm near postal, suicudal.
Somehow "The Good Fight" needs doing. I am game for it. Enough is Enough! Not so much for me, but for all my fellow employees and very, very, few new friends.
Sincerely, *********** ******** ********, *** *** ***, **********@******.com
Thank you for your time and review.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.

are you asking if a lawsuit if a viable option?