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hrpro37, Sr. Director, Human Resources
Category: Employment Law
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Can you give me law-examples (former Wash.DC cases perhaps?)

Customer Question

Can you give me law-examples (former Wash.DC cases perhaps?) of former cases where a motion to quash was approved because the right to privacy outweighed the need for the medical, person motioning the quash claims NO personal injury, no claims of fmla violations.And, can I just use regular-person talk since I'm pro-se, or do I have to make more of a "legal" statement and HAVE to prove what im saying by citing any code-law or anything?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  hrpro37 replied 1 year ago.
Good Afternoon, Would you mind elaborating a bit more on your situation so that I can find the appropriate information for you? Are you currently pursuing a case against a former employer and they are requesting your medical records? Here is some info regarding employee medical records that may be of help. free to provide more information so that I can be of more assistance. Thank you, Amber