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I worked at a nursing home facility. The started using the

Customer Question

I worked at a nursing home facility. The started using the essential oils in different offices and the Physical Therapy depts. I knew none of October while working my "Part time" position..... after my supervisor put me to part time after my surgery. My doctor had me working 6 hrs a day, instead of 10, and my supervisor knocked me to part time. Said I had NO say so..... I lost my health benefits, my life insurance, and any earned time off days. SHE went against drs orders then. But the oils the used in a machine through out the facility, burned my face to a point that the irector of Nursing said I HAD to go to an allergist. After a month long of test, pokes, pricks.... we found out it was the oils that burnt my face. I gave papers to my supervisor and her boss every time I went to dr, which some weeks was 5 times........ the allergist stated it was to the point that I needed to avoid the oils, see if there was a place I coild work where I wouldnt be exposed or ask them to stop using them. I was asked to resign. I DID NOT!, but was taken out of the computer and it stated...."partner has reached last day of work". I was never contacted to see about a settlement as to the time I lost or anything. I have contacted a lawyer and he stated, that even though I worked for them foe 10 years..... SC is a "at will" state. He would take my case, but I would not win anything. Is there anything you can do to help with this? I am a single 52 year old female,,,,,, its been hard to find a job. I have used my savings to pay bills. I was broken hearted at first, now I have gotten to the mad stage. If they do this to someone who doesnt have the savings to survive and pay bills, it could destroy people. I look forward to hearing back if you would look inti this matter for me. Bentley
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.
you have a case to the extent employer retaliated against you and discriminated as well as failed to reasonably accomodate. You may also pursue this through court action, but normally it is better to have a lawyer first reach out to employer and negotiate severance package.