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I have been working home health company a year.

Customer Question

I have been working for a home health company for over a year. This company only has one full time LPN (Myself). The other LPN was railroaded a long time ago and quit. The rest are RN case managers. I fill in for these nurses when their caseloads get too heavy. It's a busy office. I was hired salary at my start and reduced to full time hourly a few months later because administration said an LPN could not be a salaried employee. Since then I have been used as
Per diem although we have nurses especially for Per diem purposes. I have 401k and benefits yet I have never seen the full time 80 hours, as a Matter of fact, I am barely getting part time hours and this week alone, I have worked one day. There is not rule stating that I have to work Saturdays but in the past I have worked 3-4 weekends in a row and just about every holiday. I never work more than 2 hours each Saturday so I explained to my superiors that I was encountering financial difficulty due to the lack of hours associated with the job. I had to go to an agency and pick up employment to save my home and other bills, attempting to supplement what my full time job couldn't give me. Basically, I am employed and still unemployed. When signing up to the other position, I withdrew from Working Saturdays for my primary job. It would be silly to work 2 hours instead of 12 when having financial trouble. So now I feel I am being retaliated against for not working the weekends anymore. I have been told to come into the office for meetings on days that I have no patients and then after 10 minutes to leave with no compensation. I have been written up due to a
Patient who caused a problem with 3 other employees and 6 other agencies in which they promptly discharged her after the fourth nurse noticed that she was a problem. Other employees know by the office gossip what I am enduring. Nothing is kept confidential. Some are constantly apologizing for the poor treatment that I encounter on a daily basis. If there is any task is taxing or the patient is in a bad neighborhood or difficult, they send me. Anything the other nurses do not want to do, I do. However no matter how big of a help I am, I feel like I was the bad idea of the previous boss that hired me. There is a Particular superior that I feel picks on me and singles me out and now she is the acting director and now with a growing census, I have one day on my schedule. I feel like they are Trying to flush me out by treating me badly. I'm ignored and invisible in the meetings. No one listens to any of my concerns. I just do the best I can in a hostile Environment and I am beginning to feel like most of it is racially motivated. Is there anything you suggest I do. I am planning to quit when I find something else but there have been other black employees that moved to per diem for the same reasons as myself. So for the future black employees, I want to do something about the inhumane treatment that they seem
To be successful at getting away with.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.
I am sorry to read about your difficulties. If you are being called for meetings on your day off, you must be paid for coming in for the meeting. You can file wage claim for the unpaid wages with Illinois Department of Labor: As for the racial discrimination, you can file complaint against the employer with U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission if the employer has 15 or more employees. Click on the link below for the complaint process. Kindly give a positive rating to my post so that I can receive credit for answering your question—so that part of the deposit that you already paid to the site can be transferred to me. You are not charged extra for doing this. Thank you for your cooperation.