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My name is***** i was working company (construction)

Customer Question

My name is*****
i was working for a company (construction) i missed 5 days of work in a 3 week period.
i slipped on new yrs on my right side ,just really sore so i took off mon,tue of the following week. Worked the rest of the week no problem n the following week everything was good .my wife to be son was stuck no money n he need help so he finaly got a hold of me so i went to my immediate supervisor to ask him to take me to my car n he responded at lunch i said good. At lunch time he n the truck was in the back of 2 other trucks n i spoke to him before 11 o"clock am. So i'm still hurting n i walked over a mile to my car n could not pull off right away because my back was hurting so bad i could not drive off right away.So i had to take two more days off to make sure i can do my job. Then that weekend on sunday i had some chinese food ,n it did not agree with me n i tried to make it to work mess my cloth so i called in again for that monday. The next text i got was from my supervisor i was to call the office n they told me to take a drug test if i want to return to work,(i explained all of this to my boss just the way it happened he just said got to take a drug test). i asked why he said that it is the company rules, n i said your violating my rights. (only because i missed 5 days,n for no other reason). The yr before i was working in my garage tweeted my side over did it in my home so i called my immediate supervisor taking the day off. we had a discussion about old cuts n bruises from all jobs we have done so when i text my sup i said to him the same side my pinched nerve was on he showed my boss the texted so he orderd me to get a doctor to clear me to come back to work so i told him no doctor will clear me because i was not that bad to go to the doctors.but i did it n the doctor asked me if this is a workmans comp n i said no,he didnt understand the companies reason for it so i asked him to make sure i can bend left,right,down,side ways,backwards. did that n they still sent me to take a drug test to protect the company n i believe my rights was human rights violated n i feel my defamation of character because i also feel he put me in a category of unsavory people they deal with. need help Ron Milton
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 1 year ago.
What state are you located in?