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I have been a cop in IL years. I consider myself a good cop,

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I have been a cop in IL for 16 years. I consider myself a good cop, and have had 1-subpar evaluation in 16 yrs. I work for a department where administration plays favorites. Nine years ago they hire an outside deputy chief who has made me life hell. Ever since he has come on board my evaluations have been meets standards. Before this guy showed up, I was too 3 or 4 in evaluations in the department. When I was going thru my divorce 6 years ago, I called my department and told them I was going thru a rough time and needed time off. I was ordered off work for 6 months and was ordered to take 2 fit for evaluations to get back to work. I never did anything off the wall at work to warrant this. My union is useless and sided with my departments administration. Ever since this happened I have been given a scarlet letter on my chest. I have been sick with flu and colds lately and have had to call in sick. On 2 occasions I have showed up at the department after being sick, and these were my days off, feeling better, and I had to fill out my payroll sheet and show up for a meeting. Upper administration from I gather thru the rumor mill were questioning why I was at work. Well they were my days off and I was feeling better not bothering a sole. We have had a supervisor falsify overtime books with no discipline, I had that same supervisor show up at my apartment knock on my bedroom window, to discuss a bs police report. I am very tempted to go to my Chief of Police's boss and discuss the things going on. We have patrol officer's who show up for work a 6 am shift and wear casual clothes until they feel like putting on their uniforms and nothing is done to them. It seems the guys that inform on others to the administration move up, and the good people get screwed. Any guidance would be helpful, again my union is useless. I am ready to contact the EEOC in my state.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Marsha411JD replied 1 year ago.


Thank you for the information. Unfortunately, although you say your union is useless, you are bound by the processes set out in the bargaining agreement for grieving any actions that arguably violate the BA. In other words, you have no choice but to use the grievance procedures set out in the BA to handle any general personal issues and work issues. if your union refuses to represent you, then you can file a complaint with the NLRB and might want to consult with a labor attorney to file suit against your union.

The only circumstance that allows you to go around the union and grievance process to some extent is if you have evidence that you are being targeted for adverse employment decisions merely because of your gender, race, national origin, age (over 40), disability, religion, pregnancy, or military service. If that is the case, then you would have a claim you could file with the EEOC. Otherwise, they would have no jurisdiction over this issue and you would have to use your BA grievance procedures. Certainly, you can always use the chain of command to try to resolve the issue, but if that doesn't work, you must go by the process I mentioned. If you were not in a union, you wouldn't even have the grievance process available to you, so you at least have that process available here.

Please feel free to ask for clarification if needed. If none is needed, then if you could take a moment to leave a positive rating in the box above, I will receive credit for assisting you today. Thank you.

Expert:  Marsha411JD replied 1 year ago.

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