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I feel I have been targeted at my job since they tried to

Customer Question

I feel I have been targeted at my job since they tried to force me to stay over 4hours since a co worker called in 15mins prior to the end of my shift the Don had a nurse write out an letter/note to have me sign saying if I didn't stay I forfeited my job. I didn't sign it I made copies of the note and I later called Corpate about this matter the administratior Called at 9pm that night told me I didn't loose my job and to be at work for my shift which was at 11pm I went and every since then I feel my work environment has been hostel and they have been trying to find ways to pick! I have a resident whom has hit me (smacked me across my face) and kicked me and called me ni**ers on the daily basis they still have me working with this resident and I make sure I have someone with me at all times when I enter that residents room I have filled out resident behavior forms I have heard nothing back! Now I have got suspended with them investigation against me for susposedly hitting this resident! Which is not true.. The whole facility new of this before I even knew what was goin on and why I was suspended which I feel is very unprofessional and is slander and deformation of my character. They didn't only ask the ppl how work on my shift or that I told them whom was in the room with me they went around asking different ppl have they ever heard of me being me to anyone etc. I need to know the best way to handle this situation
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Faye Lee replied 1 year ago.

I am so sorry to hear the problems you are having on your job.But it clearly appears that if you are getting abused and physically hit by another employees you have an action against this company.If you have not discussed this with your human resources person and a higher level manager at your company then you should. You should also gather all factual information and document all what has happen to you in the workplace and file a formal complaint with the company as well with the EEOC. It appears as you share what has happen to you that you are working in a hostile environment. You also can file criminal charges against the person who hit you. I would strongly recommend that you find an Employment Attorney to help you with this work situation. I hope this has helped.