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Asad Rahman
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The situation that encountered in my work place (a Hospital;

Customer Question

The situation that encountered in my work place (a Hospital; I am a RN with 50 years nursing experience in a variety of institutions in the US and abroad.
In the unit where I currently work I encountered what amounts a hostile working environment. An administrative assistance (desk receptionist) harassed me repeatedly throughout the day, repeatedly requesting data that she alleged had not been entered in the computer system and I informed her that I had entered it. She continued to verbally remind me of other actions that I needed to take with regard to patients that I was responsible for.
Later when I had signed a document as requested, I leant over her and another administrator's shoulders and dropped the document on the desk.
This assistant immediately went to the supervisor and alleged that I had thrown an object at her. I was then instructed to make an apology to the assistant. The latter did not acknowledge the apology and returned to the supervisor to complain that I had not apologized properly. I made a second approach to the assistant and apologized a second time.
Thereafter a senior administrator appeared on the unit and informed me in a peremptory fashion that I was placed on administrative and made to make a public apology to the staff of the unit. I was further demeaned by being told to leave the unit by the back stairs and not to talk to anyone as I left. She informed that she would be watching me to see that I complied.
I feel this is gross unjust treatment, A judgement was made about my conduct with out being able to offer any response. The other nursing staff are witnesses to the fact that I did nothing wrong except to speak in a clear and direct fashion to the administrative assistant that I did not want to speak with her privately about the matters in issue. I was tired of the persistent harassment that I have endured form an assistant who has no registered nursing training.
I believe I am owed at least an apology and some restitution for the wrongful administrative penalty imposed on me.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

I am very sorry for your troubles. While the supervisor should have given you the opportunity to explain I am not sure there is a legal case here. You could claim the assistant's actions and the supervisor's failure to address both parties fairly created a hostile work environment. The challenge is how do you prove your damages.

Expert:  Asad Rahman replied 1 year ago.

We can talk by phone if you want but there are additional charges.