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JustAnswerAsk a question I had a doctor state to the board

Customer Question

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I had a doctor state to the board of...
I had a doctor state to the board of nursing that I lied to him about what meds a patient had received during a shift & the director reported this for him to the board. It was presented to me as " He was led to believe it was only meds X and Y and not Z". However before all this reporting, I toldthe director it was a miscommunication, I had told him because he changed her dosage of one of the meds & signed off of all the meds given on her electronic chart, plus spoke to the family about all her meds related to her combative & aggressive behavior during the shift.
I currently have another hospitalist that works there writing me a letter of support to contraindicate this matter. And goes on to say the I am an excellent ICU nurse, the best he's ever worked with bar none & he's shocked by this event! This current doc writing the letter said he would speak to anyone and write more letters if need be. He said he was sure more would come forward such as nurses but they prob fear for their jobs. I have had my good name just trampled on? What recourse do I have if any??
Thank you!
Concerned RN
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The thing is; I did NOT lie to that doctor! I had no reason to? I had been caring for her for weeks without issue? Then it was like out of the blue-- here's an issue because this pt was "too drowsy" on dayshift but not drowsy enough to engage in activities such as getting up and eating both breakfast & lunch. I was made out to be this awful nurse that allegedly oversedated this pt but she was able to partake in these activities. All the facts & charts were not shared with the board & the Dr that is writing me the letter of support assisted in her care!! I think that carries ALOT of weight on my part! I just need to know what a third party thinks about this with some legal background! Im an open book! Good or bad... Ask me anything?!?
Thank you!
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Also, I have been a RN for 20 years without any problems whatsoever! Just a side note! I have tons of critical care experience.. Ive worked with this dr before but not with this nurse manager before, she was in charge maybe a month when this all happened? It just all seems a bit strange that she comes in & something like this pops up? And i could be wrong?
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

You need to present your side of the events to the Board. The support of the Hospitalist is significant and/or other nurses if they come forward would be very helpful in your defense.