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Nishan Parlakian
Nishan Parlakian,
Category: Employment Law
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I want to know if I have a case and if so what should I do

Customer Question

I want to know if I have a case and if so what should I do to pursue it. Issues are that I signed an agreement stating I would get a severance check which I never got. They deducted money out my check which I never use and now cannot get back and then to top it they never closed my for health insurance and I'm concerned this will negatively affect me. They are giving me the run around so I am not sure if this is something I can take to a lawyer.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The company is Yelp I only worked there for less then 2 months but I signed the agreement and walked away without much fight. I been on unemployment since then until I just started a new job which is how I found out about the health policy. The pre-tax dollars is through wageworks.
Expert:  Nishan Parlakian replied 1 year ago.

You are entitled to an explanation from the company for any monies they said that the would pay but failed to pay you. You are entitled to a clear explanation as to any deductions taken out. if this happened without explanation and the money is significant then yes you should contact an attorney because this is a violation of your rights. Keep in mind that the amount an attorney would charge would be significant, maybe 250-450 for a consultation and for a simple mistake that your old company could correct, it might be better to contact them again yourself until you get an answer. This does not seem to be an issue of discrimination so there is no built in remedy. It would depend on whether you had very strong facts to prove statutory and common law violations against you.

Expert:  Nishan Parlakian replied 1 year ago.

Also wanted to note that you should try to keep notes of any conversations you have. Notes many times can be admitted in a court proceeding.