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I believe I have been treated unfairly at work and also

Customer Question

I believe I have been treated unfairly at work and also another co-worker. I believe my job is in jeopardy because of the unfair treatment. I have been written up while on vacation for something another supervisor covering my store did and one of my co-workers(9/17/15). I have been yelled at work and placed to feel unsafe and I was given a final written warning because the person yelling at me stated I embarrassed them in front of their friends (7/19/15). I was also yelled at by the same person and had that person thrust her hands in my face as to hit me but my employee relations respondent, resolved and close the issue with out informing me of the action taken. I can only assume they have found me in fault once again. I was just told to release a co-worker whom violated a company policy twice with in a 10 months span (Bonita Lucas)(1/28/16). Yet I have another coworker which violated the same policy within 4 weeks and my employee relations respondent is seeking to transfer the gentleman( Malcolm Driscoll). I have had a superior tucked her hands in the back of my pants while I was conducting a interview and when I complained about it to my employee relations respondent (David Walsh). Not only she down play the act and the fact I stated in email I was place in a very uncomfortable position because of her actions which would be on camera at the
Sam's club I work at as a contract employee. During our conference call concerning the incident, my supervisor (Gloria Lunsford) stated she did not think it was inappropriate and she apologized, will she do it again, she will (12/6/15). So that left me with the feeling that I had no resources to turn too if touched or handle unprofessionally. I'm a 51 year old Retail Supervisor of Events and I work for Crossmark as the club supervisor over the demo (sampling) department. Mr. David Walsh have conveniently answer all of my employee relations queries I submit through my company online board. I have a list of other incidents where the standing company policy do not apply for everybody. Is there any legal recourse I can take for what I fear in coming down the line?
Vanessa Robinson (###) ###-####
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 1 year ago.


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