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What FML law cases have evolved that would support this

Customer Question

What FML law cases have evolved that would support this situation?
I returned after an FMLA leave
and was denied training for the race to the top grant for all teachers in the state of Tennessee? I had caught my two principles altering The TVAAS scores violating federal guidelines by recording scores against teachers and students, violating state law as well. When I returned after FMLA leave, I was cut off as an employee to the school server and set up as a guest with no rights. I did not Get equivalent training. I was denied all rights nd privileges and if I had not
Resigned I would have failed the observations everyone else in the state had training on. They were trained on 21 Components by their Principals. I was only given 20-30 minutes of
Training and then they moved
My observations up together and all other teachers had at least 20-30 hrs training and
Had their observations separated following the state
Guidelines. In the meantime, they hire someone
In my place while I
Gone, give him
Training, much younger
Than me. I would have
The end of the year and a
If I had not resigned. They placed me
On protective surveillance
Monitoring my every move
Returned to school. I need the law to win this case about training and violation of
My contract
By taking
My privileges and
Rights away
From me. I need court cases to use in present federal case
About violations in denying me equivalent training and violating my contract
When the principle was retaliating against me
For whistleblowing on him and his assistant principal. In fact, they would not let me adjust my sick leave when requested, they would not let me come
Bk into the school until that Monday, and the FMLA leave ended on Friday before
The Monday, when I went in to get my FMLA leave
Form signed, my principal told me to go upstairs and get my personal items but I refused. You can not
Go on premises of work site on FMLA leave..when I returned, he had not informed his principal who trained me 30 minutes was returning from FMLA leave. They moved my observations up together in violation of state
Guidelines and placed
Them together. I asked to be re-scheduled and the principal would never answer me
Because I was sick. I was afraid he would fire me when I could not
Get My Hr person, supt, or principal to even answer my request for equivalent training as the other teachers had received. I need court cases that have been won to utilize in answering summary judgment. They r saying they forgot about me.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your question.
For starters, we really are not a case law research service. Furthermore, case law addresses specific issues and for each specific legal issue a case has to be researched. We are not set up for detailed and specific case research, but can provide only general research as a starter for customers to then use to go to their local law library to continue on the specific facts of their case itself.
If that is sufficient for you, we can do that for you, but for in depth specific research, we cannot do that based on time and cost involved is beyond our scope.
Please let us know. Thank you.

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