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I became quite ill on 10/28/15 and have been on leave

Customer Question

I became quite ill on 10/28/15 and have been on leave without pay since. I am an RN and only began work with this company this past May so I wa surprised I was not simply terminated. I was asked to complete an ADA form for accommodations immediately and completed the form telling them I would only need time off for follow up appointments. My supervisor also requested daily updates on my illness for "HR." I have provided this, and now I regret having been so " forthcoming" about my illness and complications, which has resulted in 5 stays in icu. Finally I am better and my doctor told me I could return to work on 12/21/15. This original return to work letter was faxed to my work 3 weeks ago. This past Monday I had a fainting/ fall to my cardiologist, and again told my work about it. It was determined that I was given a medication several weeks ago that has delayed my recovery and has caused 90% of my issues. On Tuesday my doctor said it would be OK to return to work on Monday but suggested perhaps reduced hours the first couple weeks as I continue my reconditioning and strength building. I informed work; at first they said ok then I received a text telling me they would need a new return to work letter stating no restrictions and that part time hours were not available- only full time- because I had informed them of the fainting episode ar my doctors office. I have a call into my doctor to determine if he will agree to no restrictions. This is a large company and I am a case manager. They have approximately 60 nurses employed in this satalite office. Though I am salaried, I have to clock in/ out; some employees do have some flexible hours but not everyone. Nurses have been terminated for tardiness even though this is Dallas and no one can ever predict the traffic. I think I have made a mistake telling them anything about my health. I am sure if I return to work and am not at 100% I will be disciplined if I have to leave work early. Not once has my supervisor called me. All communication has been by text or email. The manager told in the beginning " not to worry about my job.... I was the best case manager she had ever hired." I am upset. Husband is telling me to simply quit. I am not sure if my doctor will give me the no restrictions letter.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  ScottyMacEsq replied 1 year ago.

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Expert:  ScottyMacEsq replied 1 year ago.

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