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On date of December 1, 2015 I was termination when I came to

Customer Question

On date of December 1, 2015 I was termination when I came to work supervisor ask me for my keys I ask why just giving your keys I ask again what going on, she didn’t want to discuss it she ask one of the employee Mike to walk me to the back to get my personal thing I ask him what going on he said he don’t know but he did because is over maintenance. Left when home call corporate office ask who do talk to about me being fired talk to Mr. Jason said, he will look in to it. Call the next day he said he agreed with their decision A lady from there office Betty talk to my supervisor Miss Sharon the answer that I refuse to do a plumping job, all work order goes to Mike phone, if there was a call to her for work order she then she will call one of the maintenance guy phone if she had call me never refuse to do a job when I come to work before I start my day I ask Mike what on the gender for the day he giving me my assignment and that what I do, and all maintenance order are filled the day we do them and the day of November 25,2015 the other maintenance was work on section 8 work order It was priority because of annual inspection and when I got through, with what I was doing ask Mike what floor you’re working on he ask me will you on the work order for the first floor apartment 109 and 102,109 work was caulking the tub and the need acid in it to clean’ bathroom sink stop up kitchen sink faucet need to be change to it was late in day to change the faucet, because if you turn off value are old if anything break told Mike about the work to complete he said it ok, complete the work order the faucet only had a pin hole in the neck nothing major by it was the holiday, came back November 30, 2015 that went finish. Mike had send me to clean the north maintenance building shop up I’m assign the south building by we doing annual inspection so all of us work together, It’s no problem with me I had been off work medical leave date of July 28,2015 had lower lumbar spinal decompression surgery done went turn back to work physical therapist fell getting strength back I had certain date to turn back to work date of November 16, 2015 or wouldn’t had a job had report back with job doctor statement with no restriction return back to work November 17, 2015 doing performing all my duties and the day November 30,2015 I ask Mike what we are doing today he want me to clean maintenance shop the was in mess so went talk to supervisor Miss Sharon about what going on with cleaning the shop, she said don’t want to hear it, she said talk to Mike about it he was there he away from the building went he came back ask him I have no problem with clean up the maintenance shop but I was going for three month it was a mess before I left on leave went came it was worse couldn’t get into shop Jacob is over the maintenance in the north building and he don’t put thing back after he use anything from tools to material to do any job that went ask him why no one help me clean the shop up maintenance shop up I didn’t have no problem doing the work If you need anymore information number(###) ###-####
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Marsha411JD replied 1 year ago.


Thank you for all of the information. Can you now tell me what your legal question is? Also, are you in a union?