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I work small business in. We have about 55 employees. I've

Customer Question

I work for a small business in Ky. We have about 55 employees. I've worked for the company for 9 years now and have never had any issues until recently. I was the only female that worked at this particular facility for 4 years and I got along with all my male coworkers. We opened a new position at my facility and a women filled it. She has had a issue with me once prior in 2012 but she was not my boss and she was wrong. My boss has now retired and she took his position. She has discriminated against me continuously and to make matters worse her old position came available and she seen to it that I did not get the job. I had 9 years experience and they gave the position to a 24 year old who worked at a fitness center and his dad is a lawyer in the small town we live in. He had no background whatsoever in the job. I get along with everyone at my company and have until she came into position as a boss. She has mocked me, laughed at me in front of her supervisor while I was crying and explaining to him how she had been treating me unfairly. Her boss tells me I have 3 options file a grievance against her, quit, or deal with her and try to make it work. But he assures me he doesn't want me leaving the company or filing he grievance.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The young man who got the position was hired as a trainee for a plant operator but was being trained by her in the bactee lab to make sure I did not get the job. I was his trainer and she had him doing a total different job. Very political place, her husband is the county's engineer and the man we hired as a trainee operator, father is a attorney in the same small town. She has made comments to me that she felt like I felt I was "entitled" to the job. She does not treat me the same as the other male employees. My Evals over the last 9 years are amazing, nothing negative.
Expert:  Marsha411JD replied 1 year ago.


Thank you for the information, can you please tell me what your legal question is? Also, are you in a union and have you filed a discrimination complaint with your HR or EO Office?

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