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I was fired last Friday. I have several medical problems,

Customer Question

I was fired last Friday. I have several medical problems, which my company HR Dept was aware. I have been out sick several times. However, the company policy states that if you are out for 3 days or more, you must provide a doctors note upon returning. Which I always did. I went to my primary doctor while on vacation, at which time she informed me that I needed to see a cardiologist. I called and got an appointment. I was to return back to work from vacation on Thursday of last week, however, I could only get the doctors appt. for Thursday. I informed my Boss and she said no problem. Upon returning to work on Friday morning, I was called into her office with the HR Director. They said they had no issues with my work. But that they were letting me go for attendance. Even when I was out sick, I still stayed caught up with my job responsibilities. I stated that I wanted to keep my insurance through Cobra and asked for the information and was told they would send me a letter. I was scheduled for a stress test today. Yesterday my doctors office called me and said that my insurance had been cancelled as of last Saturday. So I had to cancel my scheduled appts. Do I have any recourse.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.

was the termination retaliatory? was there discrimination or violation of company policy?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My boss hired a new lady the week before my vacation. I have since found out that the new lady is the best friend of my supervisor. I also found out that my boss had told some of the other employees before I left to "you need to back off of your friendship with Patricia and don't offer to help her any more with her Diabetes questions. The new lady was there to replace med. When I was fired, they told me that I could not come on any company locations property. And that I was not to speak to anyone in the company. My friends have called me in the evening, but are sure to delete anything on the phone so that they don't get in trouble.
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.

You have a case where employer retaliated for a medical condition/disability. Likewise if company violated a handbook or manual, and denied due process thereunder. You can often pursue this through a lawyer who reaches out to human resources/management to negotiate either job back or a severance package.

Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.

Let me know if that is fast and clear.

Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.

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