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Samuel II
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I am a rancher that red a man in Sept. My husband works out

Customer Question

I am a rancher that Hired a man in Sept. My husband works out of state. One week after hire I discovered the man was "Seeing people in trees, dillusional, and doing meth with needles. He made a sexual advance towards me. I told him once sober it would not work out and to leave my property. He was living in a trashy RV he put by the barn. He assured me it would neved happen again. But it did repeatedly. I was afraid to tell my husband (works out of state) and is home once monthly for only 3 days. I told the man to again leave with RV and his horses. His behavior esculated. Tools and items turned up missing... my wedding ring, etc. Meth needles laying around where other employees and myself could get injured or worse. He has hepotitis. But everytime I told him he would leave and show up after dark, and postpone it. Behavior worsened. I live in Hillbilly Haven SE OKLAHOMA.... Our agreement for employment was on a daily basis. Things got worse after told to leave, my wedding ring was stolen, credit cards, tools, he tried to run my employees down, me down once on foot and a few minets later while I was in my 4 wheeler. Trashed my barns, left Meth needles lying around, etc. Finally my employees managed to get him and his nasty RV off my property last week. I have saved messages, witnesses, and soooo much more. Friday My employees finally got him, rv off the ranch. I Told him to get his 3 horses or I was calling the sheriff in the morning to take them, filing charges of THEFT, ASSULT, DRUGs, SEXUAL HERASSMENT, etc. Gave him till 6:00 pm night before last. I get reciepts on my messages every time he recieves them. Around dark I get a txt reply FINALLY claiming he just got my messages. BS. Checked times he opened them. He was waiting until my employees were gone to come assult me again and threaten me. I was scared to death. Yesterday morning when I get back from feeding my cattle and horses... there is a message on my machine from the sheriff. Giving me until 3:00 to return "STOLEN HORSES" he refused to come get! I call immediately, tell them what all has transpired since the week after he was hired... and the sheriff deputy REFUSES to come out, tlook at all my proof, talk to my witnesses, or take a report. TELLS ME I HAVE TO GIVE THIS PHYCO A Court Ordered eviction notice even though I have the employment agreement stating he was hired on a daily basis and had 24 hour to leave. Told to leave by me BEFORE 30 day period. He would not. behavior continued to esculate! I am LIVID! He KEPT ignoring me one excuse after another. When Mark (My husband came) home 2 .5 weeks ago he told him. I had not told Mark about the sexual advances Though. was afraid he would get his blood on him in a fight. so Mark told him to leave when he was home about 2 week ends ago. The scum told Mark he had to have surgery and asked for 7 to 10 more days. (No doubt buying time) Mark said ok. AFTER Mark went back to CA to work I again told the scum hell no, you will leave now. But he kept leaving the property and not returning until late and after dark. repeatedly told and each time the same thing. By then the 30 days is up, The man has hepititis, was threatening me, etc. I was afraid Mark would hit him, or the man would scratch Mark or something.. Mark is EXTREMELY PROTECTIVE over me after a stalker I had a few years ago. I finally told husband all. Mark said call the sheriff... show them the proof and surely they would remove him and his horses. Deputy tells me he Wont take a report... the needles, or any evidence or witness names and numbers. Deputy Tells me I am just trying to get the old man arrested and making up all this stuff, yet WILL NOT take report or evidence...refuses to do a DAMN THING to help me! Sheriffs reason... Pervert called before I claiming I WAS keeping his horses even though I could PROOVE via messages He kept refusing to get them. So anything I had to say and proof is INVALID. Asked why I never called BEFORE this LYING IDIOT PHYSCO DID. Well geeee daaa... maybe it is because when I had a STALKER 3...4.. years ago and had PROOF on video and tape, with the help of a local "cop" Filed charges, I get a call from the Deputy saying "STALKER is going to commit suicide tonite if you file charges...will you call him and talk him down" Are you fricking kidding me??? (Took an OKC investigator to come down here to get anything started. He investigated, handed the sheriff a "BOOK" of evidence, told the sheriff I could file charges and they STILL did NOTHING! Or maybe it was that time a Neighbor came at my husband with a CHAIN on OUR PROPERTY... then reached for a gun, and they DID NOTHING. No "REPORT EVER WRITTEN" Da. WHY call a sheriffs dept when in FEAR for my LIFE for help yet AGAIN I ask... WHY? I trust neighbors, friends more than the Sheriffs dept to REMOVE THIS SCUM? AGAIN! I am told he left state to avoid charges I cant even get. Deputy knew he driving an illeagly no license, breaks, leagal vehicle. nothing.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 2 years ago.


This is Samuel. I am sorry to hear of this situation.

However, I am not clear on what information I can provide for you?

What is the question in this regard?