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I accepted a position in May but had to wait employee to

Customer Question

I accepted a position in May but had to wait for another employee to comeback from Maternal leave (their return was om May) but did not return until July. I believe they should have start paying me when I accepted the position. Also, the pay increase did not value the position I was taking, I was going to be working with all Directors and executives. they also never discuss the pay increase with me and when I tried to bring it to their attention HR said I had to speak with my new supervisor but she is unreachable and always traveling. Also, my confidentiality was violated because when I got sick of them avoiding me, I abandoned the job, they were telling other employee where I lived. This company should not be running because they do everything last minute and are very unorganized with everything. which is why I hated it working there. Also Leadership never new the answers to my simply questions and some center directors would have favoritism with teachers. They are a daycare center.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Allen M., Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Legally, they would only have to pay you for the position once you started doing the position, not once you accepted the position.

In terms of your pay increase not valuing the position, unless the employer has a strictly written code or policy which outlines the exact pay for each position, such matters are left to employer discretion. There is no external law that would impose on an employer a specific pay.

You home address is not confidential in terms of employment law. I agree that they shouldn't be giving it out, but there isn't any statute that makes it a legal violation for the employer to do so.

The other complaints that you made, while perfectly valid as it pertains to a poor business model, also do not touch on issues of illegal actions by the employer against you that would allow for any sort of suit or action on your part against them.

I'm sorry that you have to face this situation and an employer that is not organized properly, but other than reporting the employer to their licensing committee to have their right to watch children questioned, I don't see any other action you can take here.