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I will be filing a harassment and age discrimination

Customer Question

I will be filing a harassment and age discrimination complaint against my company, and just want to have someone review the complaint letter, list them as my attorney, and possibly be available later if it escalates. Any ideas?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Allen M., Esq. replied 2 years ago.

We cannot make specific recommendations for attorneys here. The best method to find a local attorney to call the state bar association and ask them for names of local employment law plaintiff's attorneys. Then run those names through

That being said, if you are planning on filing this complaint to the EEOC, you likely will not find an attorney willing to take the case at this stage without paying them upfront. This is because most employment law attorneys want to wait until after your complaint with the EEOC has been reviewed. The EEOC is not a court, so they will not be making any rulings or present a forum for an attorney to argue on your behalf. Instead, they are an investigatory body that looks into your allegations, issues a report and grants you a "right to sue" letter. It is after THAT process is completed that most attorneys become involved, because they can review the EEOC report to decide if the case is something they want to take.

If you are talking about sending a complaint letter to someone else though, not the EEOC, then instead of listing a lawyer (which can cause the employer to shut down communications), you should instead just state that your next step would be the EEOC.