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I am an ONLY parent (My Fiancee,, passed from Cancer in

Customer Question

I am an ONLY parent (My Fiancee, Angela, passed from Cancer in 8/13) attempting to raise our 2 children. While Angela's health was failing I was harassed repeatedly getting written up for having to take care of her until I used FMLA. After Angela's passing I had been struggling to take care of our 2 children while attempting to remain employed. I had taken multiple measures, (ie. before and after school care, summer camp) within my pay scale, to be able to work. when children were sick, I had to take time off. No one else to watch sick children. Harassed (and written up) again because of time taken to care for children.
I was fired from my job in MA (live in NH) due to attendance / tardiness. I Have been denied unemployment and need guidance for appeal request.
Currently seeking employment, in multiple fields, with no answers as of yet. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Ken
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  RESPONDER9 replied 2 years ago.

Hello Ken, I am very sorry to see you are in this situation. As far as your unemployment appeal goes, in New Hampshire, if you have met the monetary requirements(period of time worked, etc.) , based upon what you told me, you should be eligible for unemployment. If the denial was for misconduct, you should be entitled to a hearing. In the hearing you can tell the hearing officer just what you described-that you were absent because you cared for your children, etc. As far as fioling the appeal, here is what you need to do according the UE handbook:

You may file an appeal by email by sending an email to the Appeals Unit of NH Employment Security at***@******.*** explaining that you wish to appeal and why. You must include the Determination ID# ***** the email. b. You may file an appeal by mail by sending the previously described form or a letter to the Appeals Unit of NH Employment Security explaining that you wish to appeal and why. Send a copy of the document(s) you wish to appeal with your letter (If mailed, your appeal must be postmarked within the 14-day time limit to be timely.) The letter should be sent to: ***** ***** Security, Attn: Appeals Unit, PO Box 2009 Concord, NH###-##-####c. You may file an appeal in person at any New Hampshire Employment Security local office where an appeal form will be provided to you. Bring the document(s) you are appealing with you to the office if you need assistance. Once the form is completed, the staff can forward to the Appeals Unit.

Ken, you should try this. In my opinion, the ruling was harsh, and you would also raise the FMLA issue-that you were using your FMLA rights. The appeal may allow you to collect with some type of delay, until you find a new job. I hope all of this helps and do ask that you take the step of rating me well after reading this or the service will not pay me for my work. There is a button to push to indicate this. Good luck.

Expert:  RESPONDER9 replied 2 years ago.

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