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Which labor employment agencies, ie, EEOC, DOL OSHA, has the

Customer Question

Which labor employment agencies, ie, EEOC, DOL OSHA, has the best employee recovery remedies? I filed an OSHA but the remedy is only back wages, offered settlement. WHEN I TOLD THE OSHA AGENT I WAS FILLING EEOC POSSIBLY DOL TOO, HE TOOK THE OFFER OF FRONT
PAY AWAY then sent a refuse to hire by email. ( my previous charge with OSHA that same agent told me my former employer REFUSED TO HIRE ME BACK. But put in the settlement agreement, I GAVE IT UP. I did not give up my rights.) On my xboss wirh the new cimpany,
I'm filing EEOC retaliation, desperate treatment, refuse to hire for protected activity, discrimination by my former boss who was hired by a another new company who agreed to hire me first. My issues are, 1) I was told Id be hire, ....but the new employer
refuse to hire after aware of my protected activity , after me OSHA charge and after.. 2) ... my x boss stopped me from being hired by interfering in my hiring/ training process. company refuses to hire now. 3) the new employer hired a male who was
fired/let go, ended empoyment, by my xboss from my former employer but my xboss refuses to let me work at this new company. ...desparate treatment. I feel my best charge is at the EEOC or DOL where I have 180 days to file, plus connected to another DESPARATE
IMPACT and EPA case. I was not paid in full nir equally. ...EEOC took an interest in my charges! There are only 3 female drivers to 17 male drivers, by my x BM. Who is butch openly lesbian. Hiring mostly male like minded applicants. Nothing nessesity on the
job for gender. The customer is all males who I witness controling who gets hired, stays employeed and laidoff or harass until fired. ...CLIANT PREFERENCE DISCRIMINATION. Which Had a negative impact on a protected class. Gender/sex, mostly older females. Additionally,
I notice my x employer's worker's newsletter, there are near 20% females to 80% males working at job that does not require a diploma. ....EEOC took an interest. Disparate impact without necessity. Cliant discrimination? ... Now, the new company is refusing
to hire me. Stating that all of North Dakota is at full capacity. If I settle now with OSHA, could I be hendering or weakening my other rights or charges with other agencies ie EEOC/DOL case? Which are more beneficial? a couple of thousand in back wages with
OSHA now, and unsure of the effect on my other charges, or take a chance with EEOC/DOL and wait 180 days? Are there other remedies? Where are the EEOC/DOL remedies posted? Damages... I'm blacklist from working NOW in the entire state of North Dakota. I dont
have a nuetral referral. From my former boss. As agreed in the 1ST OSHA settlement. Because there are no provisions in 11c.. For Gods sacks. I'm out 42, 000 per year. Til I'm 65/72 or retirement. My reputation to contribute to my community. THIS EFFECTS MY
DISABILITY RETIREMENT. I can't get unemployment. This should not end with my death. Thanks
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.

OSHA is a good avenue. You dont want to be filing in multiple venues at the same time. As a general rule, courts have very broad discretion too.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
If I withdraw my complaint from OSHA retaliation blacklisting, can I include all retaliation from osha to the EEOD/DOL? Because The osha agent represents the employer and not the employee. He will not take my good evidence or process an investigation against
the employer. So unfair..
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.

If discontinued without prejudice, then yes.

Expert:  Infolawyer replied 1 year ago.

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