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I am a teacher being harassed" written up" constantly or

Customer Question

I am a teacher being harassed " written up" constantly for minor or nonsensical things other teachers would not . This culminated with the start of this new year when I told one close teacher friend about a personal text I received over the summer from an employee the primcipal fired last year. The text from this person said "why don't you pull a prank on her and tell her I killed myself. "The person I showed this text to went to the principal and she called the police to talk to me about the text. She also sent police to the former employees home and the reports all had my name on them (not with my permission) as the person saying that there was a threat to the principal based on the text message. The result was he would not be allowed on that campus or be arrested. Later that day the principal called me in to her office and told me she was writing me up for causing "alarm "by telling one person at the school about my private message on my phone. She was also writing me up for not telling her about what she perceived as a so called threat. I told her it was my private message and if I thought she had a threat of any kind I would have brought it to her attention. I told her I know based on my previous conversations with the former employee that he didn't mean anything by that text message to me. I was not highly concerned about him killing himself or doing any thing to anyone at school. It was just a stupid comment I shared with one person at school in confidence. She called human resources in to give me the write up and they were on her side that it was a threat. This principal never did like me and the constant write ups started my very first year. Her writing me up is to document a paper trail so she can get rid of me year end. She signed up as my appraiser again this year . No one else in my department is under her or appraised by her. I know she is doing this so she can write me a bad appraisal so she has her paperwork to fire me year end. I feel this is in retaliation for talking to a former employee she did not like and who subsequently sent a stupid text message about a prank he was dreaming of I did not do or ever said would be a good idea. In fact I told him he shouldn't joke about thaT. I have been under intense scrutiny over the last two years. I now have to see a counselor as my nerves are so bad due to the stress of this. By her sending the police to the former employees house and the police using my name as being the one with the text message in question she was potentially putting me in harms way becuase what if this person decided to get mad about it and blame me ? He could retaliate and this principal thought nothing of that only her so called threat to her safety I failed to warn her about. I sent a letter to human resources requesting a different appraiser as I feel she can not be unbiased or fair after what happened. My request was denied. When I get a bad appraisal which I fully expect can I file a complaint with eeoc for retaliation discrimination? I have so many examples of things she has done to harass me. For instance a family friend died and I had a meeting with her the next day. I asked her if we could reschedule for the very next day to which she agreed but then quietly sent in my supervisor to evaluate me and my lesson . She didn't trust I could deliver a good lesson based on my possible mood that day. So I was under a lot of stress having to perform on a day when I didn't need that and had explicitly asked her to reschedule a meeting. She also calls me in when I am a few feet from the classroom door . She says my feet need to be halfway In the room at all times when kids are presemt. But other teachers can step away from their door for a brief moment and nothing happens to them. It's just a multitude of things she criticizes me for other people she does not do the same. I am literally sick now from stress caused by her . Is there anything I can do ? If and when she fires me can I bring any of this up with eeoc to file some kind of harassment or retaliation discrimation? The union was not strong enough to properly defend me with human resources .i can't believe my job is being jeopardized and I'm going under the microscope again based on a personal text message I showed to someone that was not in any way threatening to her safety or anyone at the school.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Faye Lee replied 1 year ago.

I know this is difficult for you. You asked if you can file an EEOC claim? My first question would be are you in a protective class? If you think your supervisor has singled you out because of your age, race, disability,gender and has treated you differently than other teachers then you would need to be able to prove such behaviors. The supervisor had a right to followup to such statement but it appears the statement was against another person and not the supervisor.However the statement does indicate that this other person may have the propensity to cause harm to others. If you feel that you are being single out then ensure you document all behaviors that happens to you. I would also recommend that you write an appeal to the next level above your supervisor to request a review of your issues, be clear and factual. I hope this helps... take care

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