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I feel iscriminated against because of age and race. i was

Customer Question

i feel iscriminated against because of age and race. i was promoted without training then demoted . lost my pay increase then transfered to so called training store
still not recieving training to other younger and different race than myself have been trained and given the promotion with nothing being said to me. i was given a new title which has never existed in this company. i have been with company for over 18 years i have been humiliated and i have asked about my position and have never been given a straight answer. only thing they comment on is my appearance. i feel they are using me for the representation of the store and have no plans to train me . although i do manager duties when they need someone but has never followed any training proceders. i do what i did when promoted but without the proper pay, and still working even after being clocked out. they introduce me to new employees as manager team still no training. where are my rights as an employee? im feeling discouraged and stressed along with my reputation. i have many many clients that often question what my position is and i have no answer. please help me understand how a huge company can treat long time employees this way. i feel if they dont want me then let me go but they are allowing me to think i still matter but only when they need me ...i am only one race against many other in another race... yes i am being discriminated against and it is not fair. we are all equal and we all have a right to feel comfortable in our workplace. times have changged but our responsibility to treat everyone the same has not changed. we are all humans and should not be discriminated against no matter what the new age has brought on before us. everyone should be given same opportunities. thank you for your time.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Allen M., Esq. replied 1 year ago.

You have the right to be free from discrimination based on race and age. However, this right is sometimes difficult to establish as having been violated.

The first step is to complain to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In order to preserve your right to sue, you must have this federal agency review your situation. They can collect evidence that you can't get yourself and help to establish the base facts to support your claim against the employer. They sometimes can choose to represent you in a lawsuit themselves, but more often they try to negotiate or mediate an agreement between the employer and employee. If an agreement can't be reached, they provide you a "right to sue" letter which you can use to hire local counsel to file a federal lawsuit.

This is not a fast process, but the EEOC is the first step that you must take.