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Matt, I'm a teacher currently working and just received very

Customer Question

Hi Matt,
I'm a teacher currently working for DoD and just received very caustic email from a 'livid' parent after having his daughter for ONE class period. This email was sent to my supervisor and several of my colleagues. What he claims happened did not happen. After speaking with this student's teachers from last year the father was very difficult to deal with last year. In my 20 yrs of teaching I've never had problem and I'm upset he would sent this email to my supervisor. I can show you the email if you'd like.
Thanks for any advice!
Laird Small
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
please cc my personal email which is***@******.***
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
His email is below. Nothing transpired like this and I asked her no questions in class nor did I hear any other students 'laughing at her. It's a small classroom so I would have known."Today Julia had a problem in her History class where(from my understanding)
the teacher asked her a question she could not answer and for the rest of the
day the kids gave her a hard time teasing her for what she does not know and
she does not want to go back to school tomorrow. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT IS ALL
ABOUT...Fortunately or unfortunately I am in San Diego this week on business and
unable to address whatever the problem is. History suggests the problem is
not with Julia and as a parent I am livid.Whether you all want to acknowledge or not, Julia wasted all last year in the
7th grade geography class and after many documented meetings with her teachers
and Staff, we still could not resolve all the challenges Julia had as an ESL
student which exist within the Sasebo DODEA system for this class.As a parent and recognizing Julia's challenges in the Sasebo School System
last year, I stopped her music lessons which she has a passion for and
provided Julia with additional tutoring (at my expense) to help her progress
in the teaching environment DODEA Sasebo provides.Not going to go through this Again this year, period. I will continue to
provide Julia additional afterschool tutoring and I understand Julia is just
one student, however, I do demand that the school steps up it's challenge to
meet Julia's needs. She is a very hard working student with special gifts in
the arts and music. She is no dummy and we are not meeting her challenges
either because we do not understand them or we do not know how to get there,
which we have discussed over and over again.I don't know if there are challenges within the Sasebo school system for other
students like Julia. I don't feel the education requirements for Julia are
being meet and lip service from the school is not working for me anymore.I want to resolve this immediately. I want to understand and I want all her
teachers to understand the challenges we have ahead for Julia's education,
this next school year. I will do my part. Tell me what I need to do to
support, that I have not already done.I'll reiterate I do not know what took place today as Julia was too emotional
to discuss over the phone BUT, it is how last year started. Not going to do
this again and going to take this to the next level if you all cannot figure
it out..I want a meeting, after school, on Wednesday of next week for a way ahead."r/m
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

Generally, when a parent takes issues with multiple programs and teachers at the school and then try to claim, "history suggests the problem is not with" the child, they are lying to the school and to themselves. The problem here is with the child and as a teacher who is now seeing that this parent is complaining about not just you, but the prior teachers at the school, you need to contact your administrators about getting the child tested for whatever special needs that the child may have so that the school could address them.

You should NOT meet with this parent alone without the administrators present. This is a parent who is in denial about his child and is bent on blaming everyone by the child for the problems the child is having and instead of taking action to get the help the child requires, he is blaming the teachers as his angel is doing nothing wrong and she is a regular Einstein genius.

You need to also point out to your supervisor that if he reads the email he is not complaining only about your class, but it seems like every other class this student has been in has been a problem as well and that the problem is with the parent and student and not the classes and you need to convince your supervisor and administration to get the child tested so her needs can be met.

As far as a parent complaining about you, I am afraid that legally there is nothing you can do, it is the nature of the job you have undertaken and as you can prove not only you did nothing wrong, but this parent has a history of complaining about his little genius child and blaming everyone for any failures, you need to point this out to your administration to protect yourself. You should write an account of what happened that day and deny it and then tell them they can ask the children as well to verify you did not ask her any questions that day as alleged in the email so the administration knows this parent is just plain trouble.