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I have worked corporation 17 years. In late February of 2015

Customer Question

I have worked for my corporation for over 17 years. In late February of 2015 I became ill with something I had no idea of what it was. I couldn't keep my balance... I could hardly walk without holding on to something. Eventually i needed a cane and sometimes I was not able to walk at all... without help.
I first went to Fredericksburg Orthopedics Association... and after several weeks they determined that I needed to see a Neurologist. I was referred to Neurology Associates of Fredericksburg, VA. They ran many test on me. MRI's of the spine, brain and spinal tap. They eventually referred me to UVA Medical Center in Charlottesville,VA wher I saw Dr. Ted Burns (Professor of Neurology). This was last week and he diagnosed me with Miller Fisher Syndrome. A very rare neurological disease. FINALLY... I have a diagnosis and a treatment option which I am waiting for health insurance approval.
I am writing you, because back in May of 2015... although I didn't have a diagnosis... my doctor wrote a note, filled out FMLA paperwork, explaining to GEICO that I need to work from home. My manager had no problems with me working from home. But GEICO management and HR has changed over the years. I personally had a lady that worked for me who was diagnosed with Lupus and she was granted to work from home over 6-7 years ago...and still is... although her symptoms are near as sever as they were. I have other examples of where GEICO allows that.... but for me... I was told I couldn't work from home unless "Corporate HR" says "yes". Since May... "Corporate HR" (despite my attempts to get an answer)... has never said "yes" or "no". But by not saying "yes"... I can't work from home although I have had several doctors saying I need to do so.
My problem is a balance and walking issue. My disease affects my legs/feet and arms/hands... though mostly my legs and feet. What I have is an auto-immune disease.... Miller Fisher Syndrome as stated before. I just had my doctor fill out ADAA paperwork to once again request that I can work from home. My problem is, I don't have any faith in GEICO HR responding to me. I have GREAT Performance Appraisals. I am Management at GEICO... but for some reason... new higher manager is changing HR criteria an I'm stuck in a loop. I have little sick days left have hoped that GEICO would do right by me. But I'm feeling that isn't so and I see such a discrepancy in who is allowed to do things...and who isn't. Not sure what legal grounds I have... would be appreciative of any advice or direction you could provide. Again... my work ethic and performance appraisals... are excellent. Thank youl
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Employment Law
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
was hoping for the 10 minutes or less... but guessing it's going to be the before 24hrs. I probably shouldn't have paid for the upgrade price. been screwed enuff by GEICO.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I want you to know... that I am a "proud" man and don't like feeling "disabled" at all. It humiliates me and not who I am used to being. Yet in some ways it has humbled me. I simply feel that GEICO's standards are NOT "standards". They want them to become "standards" but I'm not being treated as fairly as others in the past. If you TRULY know and understand my physical disabilities... then you would know that I'm not being treated fairly. Even my own management has stated so... not to mention my peers. I need help. And would TRULY appreciate some advise. Thank you.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
By the way... this MUST stay confidential... as I am sure you know. Thank you again.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
After looking online and seeing so many negative comments about your site... I wonder if I made the right choice and should possibly cancel my credit card. Your advertisement doesn't match "my" results with regards ***** ***** maybe a 10 minute response is once in a "blue moon" and that just passed.. Sure would be nice to hear from you and one of your "7 lawyers" that are working tonight. Just doesn't seem professional in that you don't deliver what you advertise. I've been screwed enough and will NOT take it anymore. I will give you until 7am August 5th to respond. otherwise I will cancel my credit card order (or dispute it) and you can talk to my new lawyer to get your money back.
Expert:  Marsha411JD replied 1 year ago.


Thank you for the information and your question. However, there are a few misunderstandings I want to clear up about the Site and the service the Experts can offer. First, we do not work directly for the Site so we set our own hours. Most of us do not work 24/7, so although the Site might be promising a response in a certain period of time, the reality is that there may not be an Expert who answers a specific sub-type of legal issue at that time. The other issue is that, as the Site TOS states, not only do we not provide legal advice or opinions, since we cannot form an attorney-client relationship, but also this is a public forum so the posts are not confidential. With the latter issue, we can, when a question is completed have the Site "lock" the question from public view if the customer wants. With all of that in mind, if you want to continue, then if you can tell me how long ago you asked for a reasonable accommodation and if you are currently still on FMLA, I can assist you.

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