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I was sent home from work due to a customer being rude. I rung

Customer Question

I was sent home from work due to a customer being rude. I rung up the customer and he started getting anger at me and cursed me out. I paged a manager and no one came. I paged again 5 minutes later and a supervisor relief me so I can go to the bathroom. I broke down in the rest room. 10 minutes later my manager told me to go home and get myself together. That was July 5th and now he is asking me to provide paperwork of seeing a psychiatric in order to return to work. Remind you my manager never asked what happened to trigger the breakdown. Now I am not working
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 2 years ago.
These actions could be viewed as disability discrimination. This manager believes you to need a psychiatrist which is stepping outside of his scope of authority and law. Perhaps if the manager was informed that you do not need a psychiatrist and that you preferred not being viewed as needing one, he should respect your wishes and medical privacy. You should be able to return to work without being required to go to a doctor which you would have to pay for outside of your own pocket. If you do feel tat you suffered a work related mental or physical injury, consider filing a workers compensation claim that could entitle you to benefits. I hope that helped. Please ask any follow-up questions. Please rate my answer so that I may be credited for my time. I thank you in dance for your cooperation. Thank you.
Expert:  Attorney2020 replied 2 years ago.
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