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I am employed by a major transportation corporation..I have

Customer Question

I am employed by a major transportation corporation..I have been accused of destruction of property by a business owner in which I delivered to on Friday july 3rd.I was schedualed for a vacation the following week and on Tuesday july 7th I received a text message from a manager to contact him,when I did contact him he alerted me of the said incident which I denied any knowledge ..when I arrived back to work on Tuesday july 14th I was escorted by a manager to the offices in which I was given a letter of suspension with pay and directed to fill out an employee accident statement and a 5 item questionnaire..after I finished with said items I was asked for my employee badge and any item belonging to the company and was escorted out of the company parking lot bye management,,It is now Friday july 24th and I have been in contact with management waiting for a resolution to this acussation,,I have been in stress and panic mode ever since I first heard of this alleged accident and every time I call into management to get updates to this incident all I get from management is that Corporate is still investigating the matter,,My question to you is what rights do I have regarding all this,,I have been a faithful employee at this company for over 27 years and feel that I will be terminated for something that I have claimed did not occur
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 2 years ago.
You have a right to be treated fairly, and to the due process afforded by company policies and practices, including a hearing and submission of statements as provided by company. You also are entitled to protection of federal and state law with regard to discrimination and retaliation. You also have a right to have a lawyer present, involved in the process and negotiating for you as well as advocating with the employer.

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