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I quit my job as an Art Consultant at a gallery in Sedona,

Customer Question

I quit my job as an Art Consultant at a gallery in Sedona, AZ on July 9th 2015 (after 17mos 2 wks). PLEASE help me with the best, ***** ***** correct statement to carry the most weight to get unemployment while I seek new work. Thank you so much! Jayne
I brought my high level of integrity, expertise and made ~$300k sales in the first 11 months at this job. The 82+yr. old owner said this was unheard of.
I am calm, quiet and refused to get dragged into her fear driven dramas and verbal altercations with all her employees. This shrewd-mercurial personality woman told me her longtime gallery director was jealous of my sales. In July ’14, the aggressively, competitive director stole" my $15,000 sale while the owner was away. The owner gave her half my sale "for working, not because she had integrity."
Thus begain a year of verbal harassment and bullying which intensified greatly December-April and again June-July. They both tried to make me quit. The owner repeatedly told me in a nasty voice "You hate your job." Each time I would quietly say, "No, I don't hate my job." She would continue trying to get me angry..."You should look for another job. I wish you didn't work here anymore." On some occasions she was very nice and helpful, only to revert back to her attempts to pulverize me.
Business has been very slow in hot Sedona. Last July I sold ~$90k of art in 3 days. They were away. I enjoyed my work and clients when I worked alone. Each time my sales exceeded those of the director, the harrassment started again. I have notes on many of the patently false statements (lies) and ongoing collusion to make me quit.
Instead of them being thrilled with my success, they persisted in trying to make me quit (saying she would never pay unemployment to anyone). There are 3 additional employees who have also endured the unprofessional, selfish $$ and mind games.
This is very complex psychologically and emotionally. All the past employees in my job had the same challenges. Many quit, one or two were fired in the 16 years the owner has chosen to placate her erratic, immature, overly possessive-competitive director.
Two other employees and I spent our days off recuperating from the craziness, verbal and mental games and toxic environment. We all need to work and stayed due to no other opportunities in here or elsewhere. Last week the owner came in looking for a fight (employees warn each other of her mood). She started with her usual nasty tone of how I hate my job, etc, and she got more upset when I said, “No I don't hate my job or you, I don't like the way I'm treated. She added, "I'd do better with the door locked than to have you work here."
That was it for me. I quietly collected my belongings and keys. She went crazy telling me "You take pleasure in trying to hurt me." (I hope you can read into her quick shift from perpetrator to victim stance). "You cannot do this to me." I said I was taking a sick day after I finished wrapping some art, then leaving in 80 mins.” She panicked and promised she would meet all my demands.
I know better than to negotiate in a heated environment. Plus I’ve seen her live up
to her reputation. I left after she went home to change her clothes. I quietly put my key on the counter and walked out. Enough stress (I had chest pains) and duress. She left me a voicemail that I'd taught her something that day and wished me the best with no further attempt to negotiate.
I am 67 years old and need to continue working to support myself. I am intelligent, attractive, professional with a great career history and a M.A. in Clinical Psych. While women business owners in Sedona act much like this owner, I know there is another opportunity for me to work somewhere in peace and harmony with integrity!
I did not intend to quit that day, although I'd been advised to quit by three doctors since last September
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  socrateaser replied 2 years ago.
Hello, I will be happy to try to assist, though I cannot guarantee that any language I may propose will cause the AZ Dept. of Economic Security to grant your request for unemployment benefits. In order to better assist you, I suggest that we take this matter offline. I will send you an additional services request. You may accept or decline at your convenience. Thanks for using Justanswer!