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EEOC; My former branch manager intercepted my protential

Customer Question

EEOC; My former branch manager intercepted my protential agreed to hire with new employer. Retrospectively, my OSHA 11c settled with a neutral referral among other things. I was told I would be hired May 11 by said new company. I applied 2 months ago before
anyone from my former employer's employees and BM applied. My exmanager just became that companys new regional manager. I called the new company HR he said its ok to go with my roommate to start hiring process. 7-14-15. ...MY FORMER MANAGER INTECEPTED MY HIRING
AND TRAINING THEN STOPPED ME FROM BEING HIRED YESTERDAY. 7-14-15. She said, I HAVE TO TALK TO HR for new company. BM meaning branch mgr. Is currently employed by both companied. My questions are... 1) How do I stop my xBM from interfering with lies about my
past OSHA agreed neutral settlement and termination with the my fromer employer? Her firing scam was also a lie. And 5 wks later she pulled the same payroll scam on my roommate but didn't fire him. 2) Don't take my issues back to OSHA, save them for the EEOC
retaliation? Case evidence can't be heard twice in OSHA & EEOC if part of? 3) I'm gaged verbally by my OSHA agreement to end all issues legally only? Can I talk about OSHA settlement or why I was fired to anyone.? But my former BM, branch magr can talk to
anyone forever? EEOC injunction to stop her retaliatiation? My former employer was union: not AT-WILL. My EEOC charge includes union discrimination. NLRB closed no fault. The new company is AT-WILL. Out of state. But has a union in another state. Initially,
I filed retaliation after I complaint of age discrimination and customer threatened me. Im not paid paid late over worked no equal pay for equal work etc.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
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Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

If your BM is continuing to retaliate against you based on your OSHA complaint and/or your EEOC complaint, that is a separate complaint for retaliation with the EEOC. While you cannot have the old cases heard again, if they are retaliating against you because of the old case you filed, that is a brand new case that you can file an EEOC complaint on and you could get a right to sue letter and go to court to sue the BM and the old company as well as the new company for discriminating against you and retaliating against you because you filed a previous OSHA and EEOC complaint and the law says you are to be free from retaliation for making such complaints regardless of the findings on the initial complaints.