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I was employed by a large Aerospace firm-working as a Program

Customer Question

I was employed by a large Aerospace firm-working as a Program Manager overseas in Afghanistan. The contract was turned over to another company and the whole division was given severance( 31 Oct 2014) before that happened ( Sept 9 2014)...I was injured in a missile attack while running to a bunker ( tore my minuscus which was operated on later ) I was put on Workmans comp and just taken off May 29th 2015 after rehab.. I have had my PPD exam which says 1-5% disability on the leg but cleared to go back to work but no settlement yet....I have applied for numerous jobs with the company however, I was told I am not allowed to be hired back according to someone on the inside of the company..Said HR told them They could not hire me.. It is either because of the leg injury or the only other possiblity is: there was one incident where I was counciled by my supervisor and HR because I repeated back to an employee that I would fire someone for using the N word.. The employee said someone had called her that... I repeated it back just as she had said it to me but she and I both used the actual word.. ( Like Obama just did). At the time HR said that was all it was going to be Verbal counseling and nothing would go in my record.
I just talked to my former boss who said he said nothing but good things about me nd even paid me a bonus. The Issue is the HR lady who is blocking me is the same who counciled me... The friend on the inside is afraid to cross her but already told me I cant be hired... what do I do?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Hello: This isCustomer I am a licensed Attorney and I will be assisting you today.
I am so sorry to read about your difficulties.
Regrettably, you need to contact HR and ask directly while you are not being rehired since you were injured working for the company and you have been cleared to come back to work. Guessing on the reasons for the rejection of your applications would not accomplish anything. You need to go directly to the source and ask why you are not being given consideration.