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I am a receptionist Oldham County Board of Ed in Kentucky.

Customer Question

I am a receptionist for the Oldham County Board of Ed in Kentucky. I have been with the Board for over twenty years. I recently have been evaluated for the coming school year. I felt this year's evaluation was both biased and discriminatory in nature. The reason is I have never had an unacceptable category checked off but this year I have had several unacceptable checks. I was given the reasoning that due to my New York upbringing it was affecting my performance in the office. Then it was brought to my attention that I was stirring up tension with my co-workers. I then approached each co-worker and found no validity to that statement and to my "New York Upbringing. I cannot change from where I was brought up but you can count on your hand how many Black Americans work in office settings in Oldham County. I feel my work has been on task and I never reflect biased thinking to anyone. I am now being threatened with loss of job because as this supervisor puts it my hands are tied. The discreptancy is with two incidents that involved parents who were upset with the department as a whole. One was given a sincere apology and the other directed to another department. Both cases were heard by the Superintendent's office and dismissed. If in 20 years of service you only have two cases supposedly and I say that is because I never got a resolve from either case. What grounds do you have for dismissal except personality differences?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Marsha411JD replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for the information, however, I am afraid I don't understand what your legal question is, can please tell me what it is? Also, are you alleging racial discrimination and if so have you filed a formal discrimination complaint with your HR or EO Office?