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My qualifications as an education are: 53 years in teaching.

Customer Question

My qualifications as an education are: 53 years in teaching. Overseas (Germany) DOD for 4 years. Geographically: Oklahoma, Alabama , Chicago, Illinois Washington State, Chambersburg Pennsylvania. Fairfax County 1970 to 2015. My credentials are: BS degree
Langston, University, Langston, Okla. Ms. Degree. Virginia Tech. Doctoral Work Vanderbuilt/Peabody Tennessee (ABD) certification in ESL teaching. certificate in Multicultural education. Founder of first Reston Multicultural 1998 , Executive Director of Fairfax
County Youth Leadership (7 years) served on staff for 9 years at the American Youth Foundation(leadership conference in Osipee New Hampshire teaching leadership skills to youth. RCA board in Reston 1975 t0 1978. Served on the first Community Center Board to
plan Community Center. Served on the NV juvenile detention Board for 3 years. Received a best of Reston Award 1995. Nominee for Lady Fairfax in 1990. Started my own ESL business: contracts with four of the Hyatt 's to teach English to staff for their work
enviormernts Hired teacher to do the classes.(1997) While teaching at Dogwood I was on the staff to teach courses in Multicultural education to have teachers become more knowledgable in Diversity. I retired in 2002 and got on the substitute list. Presently,
I am writing a book about my 52 years in education.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  VA-NP replied 2 years ago.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
how can I identiy a lawyer who will accept my case that involves fcps school system.I am desperately looking for a person who can address a problem that I have that deals with a principal dismissing me from the substitute list at South Lakes High, because of false alligations. I was never given the opportunity to meet with the two principals to discuss the matter. I am a retired teacher after 53 years in education but occasionally substitute. I refuse to be subjected to defamation with out fighting for justice. If you have an interest in getting me a hearing to justify the alligations. Please contact me at [email protected] .com or call xxx. Ifyou are not interested please refer me to someone who is. Thanks my nephew is an attorney but cannot practice in Virginia. thanks for your response.Optional Information:
What have you tried so far?: only speaking with the area superintendent, and sending a letter to Fairfax county school superintendent and the area office of equity and compliance, and substitute office. Also submitted documents of the work I was doing and verifying the fact that the principal always avoid speaking to me. or not acknowledging my positive comments about the school. I need a session face to face for him to tell me why he terminated me from SLHC. Parents and students have continued to ask me why I am no longer there. I have been subjected to defamation of character. I refuse to accept this, For 32 years teaching here I received many awards and recognition for my teaching at various school.Also on many board as a volunteer in the Reston Co. Web: Margaret
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
What rights do I have as a tenure professor?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
before I try to get some legal person to take this case, I need to know is this one of your job discriptions. Iam not available all the time, I am taking radiation and mostly at the center.
Thanks for what ever service you give.
Expert:  VA-NP replied 2 years ago.
I will ask the Moderator to move the question to the LEGAL category where there are lawyers who may be able to help you.
All the best,