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I have to write a rebuttel letter toa progressive three write up at w

Customer Question

i have to write a rebuttel letter toa progressive three write up at work.thay asked me if i tossed an easel accross a room.I did not.nO WITNESS.I was mad.I stormed out of the school.I am a courier at a school district.The principal reported me and said she was afraid of thr safety of the kids who were in class and not near the incident.I wrote an email to a custodian saying he should cleanup snow on a ramp.I was written up before for sending emails telling people what to do.But I did send 4 otyher emails aboutthe same ramp and about how i almost got injured on that ramp.THEY DID NOT EVEN MENTION THOSE EMAILS IN THE WRITEUP.IT WOULD MAKE THEM LOOK BAD.The third charge is telling the evil union presidentthat three people would get docked over an old rule that they activated.I lied to hr and told them I did not tell the union president that i told him three people got docked.the union president is not my president anymore.perb removed him.he thinks i got his father fired from the distric
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 2 years ago.
HelloThis is Samuel and I will discuss this and provide you information in this regardI am sorry to hear of this matter. Please tell me1 - If there are no witnesses what is the basis of the accusation?2 - What is your question - you want to know if you can negotiate to have the progressive 3 removed from your record?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
1.I am not sure if someone saw me throw the easel or not.I might have tossed the easel to the side.there was a secretary,but her view was distorted.She was in the front office,I was in the hallway,her angle would have been very narrow,and if there was people in the office she would have not seen me at all.and there is always ,parents, and teachers in the front office.In the Level three Progressive Discipline letter it does say that I grabbed and threw the sign and easel threw the corridor.What hurts me is that I stormed out of the building.My mood kind of backs up the story that i was violent and started throwing things.Many people have has the progressive three removed after 180 days with no problems.If i do no get it removed,then Any little thing I do I could get fired for.I know some people who after getting a progressive three got fired for petty things.Also the head of personnel hates me,because my former union head leaked all of my confidential emails about him to him.there were a lot of negative comments.I also have one many cases against the head of HR,He just had to re-write a letter that was illigel according to the taylor law.we were going to take him to court,but he is going to re-write it today.He just got his degree to be head of personnel,but they are going to move him to another Dept,because he does not know the job.I do not think he is going to give me a deal,so why should I write a nice rebuttal letter?Should I write a aggressive letter and explain that the ramp was a sheet of ice at the school for a month.That I sent 4 emails and went to my boss 8 times before I sent that email to the custodian that I was not supposed to send.Now it looks like I just went once to the custodian and complained one time.In reality i complained for over 45 days.And the ramp was still icy and the steps were also slippery.About the 3 employees being docked I did know ,I told the union head,he ratted me out to head of hr.the head of hr said that it was a breech of confidentility to dessiminate official business of the district to other employees.Because I would not tell Geno,head union rep. my sources.Even if I did,they would deny it was them.Well I told head of hr,that I did not tell Geno anythng,and I have no knowledge of anybody getting docked at all.Is this union talk.Can personnel get involved if it is union related.should I change my story and give up people who would just deny me telling them that they told me that they got docked.I have no proof they told me.Geno has no proof I told him.How should I handle that rebuttle.I was thinking that I should say that I know nothing and not offer any details.The more I say,The more The think I know.I do not want them to know I may run for union president.That battle is already getting ugly.Also If i do not get a deal,Can I file Greivance,can you please tell me the steps,I need to take.And Can I file charges with a private lawyer if i have to?
Expert:  Samuel II replied 2 years ago.
HelloThank youI suggest that you can write a letter stating that you were upset that day because of the ice problem that you discussed with personnel to no avail but you never threw anything. I suggest you can state that you feel you have been targeted unjustly because you continued to make noise about the ice.I suggest you do not say anything more and that you will then need to follow the in house grievance process and if the Union is not going to supply you an attorney, you will need to consult with a local attorney.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
bad advice.first of all they are going to find out that I am bi-polar and seeing a that changes my response with the tossing of the easel.they are going to say that i was manic that day.I never said that I said anything to personnel about the ice on the ramp and steps.The emails were sent to my boss,the principal of the school,the head of buildings and grounds,and the principal.there were three letters that were not included or mentioned in the meeting.Also I did tell the head of the union about the three union members getting docked.should I say that I lied and turn them in.Will they get in trouble.It was all union matters.does personnel have the right to interfere.this is how hr worded it.this is a breech of confidentiality of another employee's personal information.furthermore ,you have no authorization to disseminate official business of the district to other employees.I do not know if there was any witness at grandview never mentioned a witness.It did say I grabbed and threw the sign and then the easel across the corridor.does that mean there were was a witness,then why did the principal ask me what i was doing?If ***** ***** told me he got docked and i told the union head he got docked.then I gave up ***** ***** he would not get in trouble right?but if bruce purple told me two other people got docked he would get in trouble right?Buy giving up these people would it the progressive three be for a shorter period of time or would i get in more trouble for lying to HR.I may have thrown the easel and sign.I was frustrated.If there was a witness i am screwed.I was having a bad day.Should i blame it on my bi-polar or just say that the easel got tangled in the boxes.Should i even admit I lied.I think I should.What if they asked me why I lied about Grandview and the easel and the three men getting docked what should I say?
Expert:  Samuel II replied 2 years ago.
Ok. Well I am sorry that my information is not what you need. I will opt out and allow another professional to assist you
At this time you should NOT REPLY OR GIVE A RATING as that will delay the process and as it is your deposit will stay in tact.
Thank you for your time and patience. Another will be with you shortly.
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 2 years ago.
Hello, different expert here. do you still need an answer and if so what outcome do you envision? thanks.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
no I went to a private lawyer.thank you.
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 2 years ago.