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I work Ohio community college that is having budget problems.

Customer Question

I work for a Ohio community college that is having budget problems. In order to get $ the school decided that since our contract said we should work 169 days but we actually worked 159 days since we didn't work on holidays the school wanted to doc our pay for those 10 days and began deducting $ from our pay ;however, the union filed a grievance and the school admitted this was a violation of the contract BUT 2 months later the school is still deducting $ from our pay and says they will not pay us it back until the end of May . In the meantime , since they Arent allowed to take the money for those 10 days they have decided that we must work extra 5 days at the end of the semester but we still won't have received the money they have deducted from our pay! Is it legal for them to continue to take out $ from our pay (they backed down in end of February when Union grieved) and not immediately give us that $ for work we have done? It amounts to about 1500$ .
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Employment Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 2 years ago.
HelloThis is Samuel and I am sorry to hear of this matter. I will discuss this and provide you information in this regard.If there is a Union Contract, then they have to adhere to the contract. And when there are contracts, the negotiations can become tense. This is more than likely a matter that will come up when the Union begins negotiations for the next contract. I suggest at that time, the Union reps should have any extra work days build in to the new contract, if they cannot get the college to pay under the terms of this contractIf you are new to being in a Union contract, I suggest that you begin to attend any Union meetings and that you and whomever else is being "docked" the pay stay on top of the Union to ensure that payment is made for any time worked, as stated in your contract.