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My wife works for boston public schools and had to have a waiver

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My wife works for boston public schools and had to have a waiver filed for her cert to come through to teach in mass. She signed a contract to make 80k yearly anf yhey have pd her less then a substitute teacher. ehenever she asks anything they just say they ate waiting on on paperwork it has now been 4 months. We have fallen behind on all our payments my wifes car has been repossessed. And they owe her over 10k in back pay. Shes afraid if shr says anythibg shell just be fired. Shes in a union does she have any rights?
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Was the contract for pay contingent on her certification being approved?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No . The waiver to teach was approved. HR keeps losing all her documents and she keeps getting brushed off anytime she calls. They lost her I9 3 times and made her come downtown each time to fill out a new one at $30 each time for parking fees. Total burecratic nonsense. All the while we as a family are suffering. After insurance is taken outvtheres barely a check. Last year the waiver was put in and taken care of in days. This is a different city but same waiver and its coming up on 120 days.

Thank you for your reply.

If she has filed the proper paperwork and they have failed to properly process it, then this is grounds for filing a grievance through the union, as the union is the sole agent to bargain between the employee and employer. Thus, the first step would be to file the grievance through the union. The next step is that she would be able to file a complaint with the labor board for unfair labor practices for them not dealing with her paperwork in a proper manner and negligently delaying her pay in breach of her contract.

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