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Hello,I was recently hospitalized for 10 days as an indirect

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I was recently hospitalized for 10 days as an indirect result of a pre existing condition that my employers have been aware of from my first month of employment. In addition to the ten days of work I just missed, I have also missed other days here and there for the same condition. All absences have been accompanied by doctor notes. Upon my release from the hospital my employers told me that I may not return to work until I provide them with a full list of my medications, their side effects, and an additional note from the prescribing doctor as to what he feels are acceptable tasks for me to preform at work. They said specifically that they were interested in pain medication that I take, however, this is an assumption they made as I have never disclosed any information regarding my medication to them. They said this meeting is to benefit me and keep me safe although I suspect they plan to terminate me due to absences (again, all excused). Is it legal for them to demand this information from me? If they do terminate me based on absences is that discrimination (again all absences are accompanied by supporting documentation)? Do I have legal recourse to protect myself?

Thank You

Fyi, I work in Massachusetts in case state laws vary
Hello, they are entitled to the information but not in great detail. You should provide sufficient general information to confirm the condition.

I would not be concerned with termination. If they do so, you may consider a clam for retaliation and discrimination.

The key is to confidently express the need for accommodation and they should do that where they value your service and are concerned with claims through the labor board and civil court action.

If needed, local counsel may handle a claim through and I wish you the best and a nice weekend. I tried to expedite your question, and request that you rate me positively.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Do I have to tell them what meds I am on?

You do not need to get into specifics. You can say you are on medications in connection with and specify the condition. That is all. They should accept that as a sufficient disclosure. I wish you the best. I trust the answer clear and helpful. Kindly let me know.
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