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November of last year my company fronted up money for a relocation

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November of last year my company fronted up money for a relocation package. I relocated for a promotion, of which was dissolved in February. This turned into a demotion back to my previous position. Previously I was on the highest volume sales route at my previous location - after the demotion I was placed on the lowest volume sales route(less than half the volume) in the new location. I was not compensated for commissions or pay. During this entire period my company sent me on several assignments, putting me up in hotels for months at a time. Right before my last out of town assignment I was switched to a new sales route then a week later I was told I was going on an assignment it was for an opportunity for promotion. When I returned from the assignment, a candidate had already been selected and I had not even had a chance to interview. I of course mentioned that I was not satisfied that I had not even had a chance. A week later I went on a weeks vacation, only to return to be written up for product that was out of code on this new route - even though I had not even had a chance to learn or clean up the route. After this I was continually accused of doing things I did not do. This lead to termination on 10/23, of which I was not told a reason.

I was not allowed to negotiate a severance package, as well the company expects me to pay back the relocation package for a position that was dissolved 3 months into the relocation. I was promised a stable position and salary to move here.

As well, I was salaried for almost 3 years and worked 50-70 hours a week without compensation for my time.

On several occasions I was offended by my superiors. One of the times I felt discriminated against because of a religious tattoo(hindu Om above my heart at my colar). My regional sales manager called me a terrorist.

Several months later my direct supervisor(district sales manager) said I am "Unamerican"

I would like to move forward for damages caused by my ex employer. I am unsure of the avenue to take.
Hello, are you asking how to best pursue a discrimination and breach of contract claim? That would normally be handled by lawyer negotiation. A local lawyer would reach out by letter presenting the evidence and seek to work out a resolution. Often it gets mediated. If unsuccessful, the next step would be a civil lawsuit in the county where you or company are located. would you like a directory for finding local counsel to pursue and is the answer acceptable?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

A directory, and/or reference to a known employment lawyer would help. As well how are cases like this typically paid for - as stated previously I just became unemployed. If you can provide me with a lawyer that will accept% returns. I will consider this an acceptable answer

I suggest and - both highly rated and easy to use.
Often the lawyer will work on contingency which means the lawyer is paid at the end from the recovery - often 30-33 percent. Best of luck. Kindly click on an excellent rating for the answer.
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