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I was a community health nurse for the southwest district of

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I was a community health nurse for the southwest district of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania for almost 10 years. The government has chosen to streamline the inner workings of the Dept. of Health, and the State Health Center where I worked was "co-located" to the Southwest District Office in Greensburg PA. From my first day there, the District Executive Director, (a Government appointed position) made my life miserable. He refused to honor my handicapped parking plates, stating that the only reason I had them is because "I was too cheap to lease a space for $40.00 per month like the rest of the staff."(In fact, I have severe asthma, and walking a distance in very cold, very hot, or very humid temps causes an attack.) In Sept. I made a med error, and was accused of destroying the chart to "cover my tracks." I did, in fact, make a med error, telephoned the MD's office and spoke to the mother of the child whom I accidentlally vaccinated with a recently expired vaccine. The chart is missing, and I have been accused to hiding it, and threatening the clerical staff to help me cover up the incident. I did neither, and have witnesses to prove the later. As far as the former, the clerk was responsible for the file, not I. I have been terminated and am in danger of losing my pension and my license (The district director verbalized to a union representative that he will not he satisfied until my license to practice nursing is gone.) Do I have any legal recourse?

Hello Cindy,

My name isXXXXX am a licensed attorney and registered nurse. I am very happy to try and answer your question today. I am genuinely sorry for your circumstances and hope things soon look much brighter for you.

You were absolutely lawfully entitled to a workplace free from unlawful discrimination, including that based upon your asthma. Accordingly, I'm pleased to say there is something you can do, namely by sharing your concerns with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. You can certainly could file a complaint, technically called a charge, entirely free of charge. You have six months from the last incident in which to file. Everything you need is provided here for free:

Filing A Charge

This is an exclusive procedure, meaning it's the only way to properly pursue your complaint rather than starting out by filing a lawsuit and so forth. I would urge you to also exhaust your union grievance procedure, despite what you were told to the contrary.

I really do hope things soon look brighter for you, and please know that you deserve to be treated in a lawful manner. If you have a follow-up question or need clarification, please just say the word by using "reply" to reach me. I will be sure to check back for any further word from you when I am again working online in this forum.

I truly hope all works out for you and that the information I have provided proves useful. Thanks so much for using this service!

Take care,

Ben, J.D., R.N.

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Ben, J.D., R.N.