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i work with the US Postal Service. I have a grievance that

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i work with the US Postal Service. I have a grievance that has yet to be resolved and has been on going for 2 years. I am afraid that the union will not represent me to win the money owed me. I have been working out of schedule for those two years. the postal employee manuals clearly identify that I am out of schedule and should be paid a premium. I have been tracking all of my out of schedule hours and I am owed over $7,000. How can I legally approach this case.
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If the union refuses to represent you going forward, assuming your grievance comes to nothing, you'll have to hire your own local attorney to file a state lawsuit for breach of contract. Essentially, the idea is that your collective bargaining agreement and those manuals related to your employment act as contracts, which the employer can be in breach of, and under which you can sue.

You can't force the union to sue on your behalf or represent you, but you can report their lack of representation to the National Labor Relations Board in a complaint. You can also sue them, in that same lawsuit in state court, for failing to meet their contractual obligations of representation.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

what would be the reasonable cost in hiring a lawyer. What type of lawyer should i search for.



Reasonable cost is difficult to pin down, because attorneys charge what they choose to charge. If you can do so, find one willing to take a contingency fee, meaning that they only are paid if they win something. This is not the typically contingency fee case, but if the attorney feels strongly enough about the issue, they may be willing to reduce their hourly fee up front or agreement to a small flat fee up front in order to claim a percentage of any award by the court.

Costs vary widely though, depending the attorney. The average hourly billing rate for full cost services reported in your state is $200, meaning some are higher and some are lower.

You would need an employment law plaintiff's attorney.
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