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Is it legal for an employer to tap into your phone and listen

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Is it legal for an employer to tap into your phone and listen to your office conversation with other people in your office (not your phone calls)? Our phone system allows you to dial into offices and listen to conversations without a beep or announcing you are listening.
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Yes, this is legal. In fact, it technically legal for them to listen in on phone calls outside of the office too.

This is because the phone is a company owned item and courts have found that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy when using office phones, computers or other equipment. So, your phone calls, texts, emails, etc. are all fair game.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
But this is not my phone calls. It's a peer tapping into my office unannounced with no reason.
I understand that. I used the phone calls as just one example of things they could do in addition to listen to these inter-office conversations.

They can listen in on any of their equipment you use. They don't have to announce it, or let you know. They can put a video camera in your office too and film everything you do there.

I understand your question fully. They legally can do this if they want to.

Again, when you are in your office, courts have held that you have no reasonable expectation of privacy. If they placed a camera in a bathroom or changing room, that has been found to go too far, but this sort of listening in, in locations in their office, is legally fine. I won't say it's fair or professional. It's very controlling, but it's not illegal.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Is it still legal if it is a peer doing the eavesdropping?

If the peer is doing it for the company, still legal.

If the peer is doing it on their own, then the employer could decide that they do not condone the behavior, but that is up to the company decide if they wish to take some action.


Again, the issue is that you have no legally recognized right to privacy in the workplace.