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I am in the middle of a divorce with my wife. I own a medical

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I am in the middle of a divorce with my wife. I own a medical clinic. My wife is a new Nurse Practitoner who just so coincidently decided she wanted a divorce after I funded her red carpet education along with babysitter and housekeepers. Well she is wanting to start her own clinic and has had communication with 2 of my employees who have confirmed they have accepted her employment offer but it may take a couple of months to get going. That said, you can imagine how uncomfortable I am allowing 2 employees to stay on board given the situation and I am terminating them first thing tomorrow .

I do not have any written or otherwise employment agreement. Oklahoma is a right to work state. Can you give me the appropriate verbage to describe this reason for termination so I can get the wording right . And secondly, can you tell me if there is presidence for termination under these purposes in terms of unemployment rights? Any specific terms or wording would be greatly appreciated.
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Actually, it is best that you don't list any wording. Just simply state that they are terminated immediately, give them their final check and bid them fair well. You won't be able to block their unemployment, so there is no real reason to lock yourself to any verbiage at this point. The less you say, the better.

This really goes to your second point too. You aren't going to be able to block their unemployment based on their statement that they may potentially accept work elsewhere. They haven't given notice or a date they intend to leave, so this is not a typical situation where a person officially resigns but gives a long period of notice. When you let them go, you are terminating their employment. They will get unemployment and there is no argument available that they should not. It is the right business move for you, so just accept that you'll have to pay some for it.

Again, no words for specific use. Don't even write any sort of formal letter of termination. Thank them for their service. Tell them that you're moving in a different direction. Give them their final pay. That's it.
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