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I am studying criminal law in school, my school is asking me

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I am studying criminal law in school, my school is asking me for somethings that I have to get answered by a lawyer.
1 what are your day to day activities
2 what is the average criminal lawyer's yearly salary
3 what are the demands of your job
4 what is an example of a case you've had
5 how did you come to work in this field
6 are there other pertinent facts that may share
Thank you in advance for your help.
Hello there:

Thank you for your questions. Please let me know if additional details are needed.

1. I spend my days communicating with clients, communicating with opposing counsels, researching the law, drafting court documents, and learning about various subject matter related to my cases (for example, if I have a client being sued for faulty tire tread, I would have to research tire tread so I understand the issues). I spend some days in court representing my client's interests.

2. Most criminal lawyers are not salaried--most work for themselves and get paid whatever they earn. Earnings vary greatly from location to location and from law office to law office. I would estimate that the average is around $120,000 per year, but it could easily be much higher or lower than that.

3. A criminal attorney needs to be perceptive, sympathetic, very familiar with the law of criminal procedure, and a zealous advocate for his/her client.

4. I had a case that involved two juveniles who attempted to make a home-made firecracker. It made a very, very small spark that unfortunately started a grass fire. They were charged with arson and possession of an explosive weapon. Fortunately, it went to court and they were only found guilty of recklessly starting a fire.

5. The law is a good field for extroverts and people who enjoy working with others. It is a good fit for my personality.

6. I strongly recommend against entering the field of law at this time. There are very few law jobs available, especially for new graduates. If you attend law school right now, the odds are high that there will be no job waiting for you when you finish. If you do manage to get a job right out of law school, you will likely be paying off $100,000 in student loans with a $55,000 per year earnings.
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